You probably found my blog by typing out something regarding one of the following:

  • M. Shadows, A7X, Avenged Sevenfold
  • Alex Varkatzas
  • Winston McCall
  • Tony Lovato
  • Skinny Legs
  • Lesbian Vampire
  • I ❤ boobies guitar pick
Yeah, I found you out bitches. No, I’m not psychic. It’s a wordpress secret.Anyhooo, most of the things listed on that list were in ONE short and pointless blog post about stuff I find attractive about men.  Honestly, you’ll be disappointed. I do not talk about any of those men, things and bands on a regular basis so feel free to command + W (Only macintosh users are relevant. The rest of you, what the fuck even.)
If you’ve typed out one of the following to get my blog:

    • Really Cool Asian Chick
    • ECHO Productions
    • Make Mosh Not War
    • Cool Female Bitches In The Music Industry

Well then, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Lydia. My blog is about the music scene, show production, show reviews, new bands, cool music and useless personal ramblings about my boring sad life with the occasional perk of cool concerts and awesome friends in bands.


NAME: Lydia Mohd
D.O.B: 10 March 1989
ETHNIC: Malay/Chinese/Alien
OCCUPATION: Life’s bitch

A 22 year old pretentious little bastard, Lydia Mohd is a bitter old spinster/cat lady with no cats.  Involuntarily born and raised in Singapore, she is the youngest of 3 and a half children (half brother) and is an aunt of 4 nephews (!!!!!!!). Lydia would lose her arms if she didn’t have them attached. She writes music that is not very good but it keeps her from being completely depleted from human existence. She shares a 2 piece band with her bestfriend called Ironic Etiquette. Lydia is also working on a side project called CarpetMartian but has failed to find competent aliens to collaborate with. She also books bands/tours and organize shows/concerts in Singapore with her other bestfriends in a production company called ECHO Productions.

She cares for the environment and signs petitions to stop global warming but she continues to fail at recycling. People call that hypocrisy. Lydia says “Meh.” Although she may profusely deny it upon mention, Lydia secretly wants to be a tree hugging hippie. She risks her life everyday in the shower from jumping around uncontrollably.

Lydia is an atheist to commitment but is very loyal when she loves people. This combination is toxic but it works. She listens to more hardcore music than she’s willing to admit. She USED to be a hard death metal head but has gone soft. She rocks a blue-ish green Zen acoustic that is out of tune 79.5% of the time, even after discovering the Macbook tuner.

Lydia is currently crushing on a boy in a band. Nonchalantly.


2 responses

27 03 2010

crushing on a boy in a band.

funny how…i am too.

27 03 2010

Afterall, we are …twins

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