26 Ain’t That Bad

10 03 2015

You know you’ve reached a very RIPED age if you’re not even upset about spending your birthday at home, doing nothing. That was me today, and it wasn’t that bad. I don’t know why I was always so sad about this in the past. It always felt like I had to do something extravagant, every other birthday. Like I had something to prove. So dumb haha
Today I had time to myself, to be able to drown out the world with amazing music. I guess for the first time, in a long time, I’ve learned to be content. I’ve learned to look back and feel happy about things. Life didn’t turn out the way I planned, but I guess it happens. There’s a reason I’m not married, no kids. How are the people I grew up with doing this right now? Some parts of me judge them, some parts of me envy them, but most of all, I really admire them. How do they do it, really.

Jesus Christ. I’m 26.”

This year has been amazing so far. Started this year working for another Andrew Llyod Webber show, which is so amazing. Almost exactly after that run, ECHO helped out with the New Found Glory show. Pretty trippy seeing them in person. Interesting. Worked my first festival, handling hospitality after that. That was… also interesting. Haha

Then Melbourne. Holyshit. Soundwave and side shows for 5 days straight. We were at shows 80% of the time we were there. It was such an incredible accomplishment for the 3 of us. We took a flight to Perth, then to Melbourne. Landed on the first day of Soundwave. Checked into our hostel at 12pm, went straight to SW. CAN. YOU. IMAGINE. Somehow we survived  these shows: –

• Soundwave Day 1 (Sat)
• Soundwave Day 2 (Sun)
• Of Mice & Men, Atreyu, The Devil Wear Prada (Mon)
• The Wonder Years, Bayside, New Found Glory (Tues)
• The Swellers (Wed)

I got to see my ultimate band, Bayside. TWICE. It was like a dream. Then a de javu. LECAK.

Photo 22-2-15 1 20 35 pm

I got really sick the last day we were in Australia so the flight back was the absolute wooorrsssstttt! We flew from Melbourne at 8pm to Darwin. Arrived at about 11pm, darwin time and had to wait out for our next flight at 6am. We arrived Singapore 8am. 3. fucking. time. zones. I was having a fever, flu, cough and also dehydrated as hell. It was puking and bleeding from my face. It was truly my worst travel experience.

Got home to an empty house and I was sick as a dog but believe or not, I threw my bag on the floor and went straight to Che Rose Nasi Padang to get food for myself. I was half past dead but a little taste of home really helped. Again, believe it or not, I skipped my planned nap and went straight to Batam to celebrate Fuad’s birthday. Holyshit. I was desperately trying to hold myself together for him but by the end of that night, I crashed. HARD. Poor bf, had to take care of me the day after. Feel so shitty that he spent his birthday like that. 😦

Photo 6-3-15 7 43 11 pm

Birthday boy 😀

So tomorrow, I’m watching One Direction in concert (YEP), then the next day, I’m flying off to Bali with my love. I. Am. SO. Blessed. Also, this is so amazing of Fuad. Arrived at my doorstep. <333

Photo 10-3-15 6 39 25 pmVoor Eeuwig En Altijd. 🙂
forever&always ❤




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