27 10 2014

Spent an entire day today breaking down. For whatever reason, nothing felt right. It started from one incident that lead to thoughts I’ve been avoiding forever. I thought about all kinds of ridiculous things. Nasty things people have did to me, negative comments about me, bad things I feel about myself. Toxic thoughts. I didn’t feel like I was enough.

I guess working yourself to death is the only way to stop your mind from reeling such unhealthy thoughts. Working shit hours might’ve also been a contributing factor to this. I’m exhausted beyond belief. Physically. Mentally. All sorts. I cried about everything today. Everything and I feel like I’m barely halfway done.

I guess sometimes its okay, not to be okay. Today was that day for me. But I will be okay tomorrow. If not tomorrow, it will be the next. If not, honestly I don’t know. In any case, all I’m certain about is that I WILL be okay. Today does not define my future. Today does not define me. Today does not make me weak. Today makes me human.




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