Phantom Pendant

29 09 2014

Just like all things related to Phantom of the Opera, this is strange. Like for example Andre, our Captain on Sound of Music, who was using the same room as Brad did , hearing the same noises I did when I was the Phantom Dresser as year. Shafiq, his dresser would be in the same room and still, only Andre would hear the knocking noises coming from the bathroom. We did Grease before that and Stephen, who had that same room, didn’t complain about the noises. The only difference? Andre used to play the Phantom in the South African production of PotO. Odd indeed.

Anyway, this is something else that’s strange. I bought myself a Phantom necklace when they were here in town. Have worn it since and although the chain has since rusted out and replaced by my own white gold chain, the pendant has somehow survived an entire year of everything you can think of. Sea water, chlorine, cold weather, hot weather, sweat, etc. It’s quite evident because Shima gave me her phantom necklace and oddly enough, my pendant looks newer almost. Maybe it just has the Richard Gere effect.

Whatever it is, it’s fantastic and I’m stoked I’m able to wear this for longer than I ever expected to. Great buy!

Photo 29-9-14 2 04 49 pm




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