Better things

1 08 2014

Something I’ve been trying to make happen (*other than “fetch”) is taking a step back once in a while to take it all in. Honestly, probably the most vital thing to do, during this very hectic period in my life right now where I find myself incapable of slotting time to take a nice, proper shit. There’s a certain energy that builds up inside when I breathe for a second and focus on gratitude for the good things in my life, instead of making a habit of complaining about anything and everything. It’s not about showing off, or trying to “up” someone. That’s what facebook is for, please. It’s about realizing the beautiful moments in life, and the beautiful people who are there, either in spirit or person to share it with you. It’s about appreciating the life you have and the people who make it worth living. Old habits die hard but every effort you take is practice.

So here’s gratitude, in a blog post. My boyfriend tells me no one ever reads blogs anymore. He’s probably right. But in the very small hope someone, just one person perhaps, stumbles on this and reads this, I hope it catches on.

Here are a few moments I’m grateful for, depicted in pictures from my phone.

(*this is not actually true. I just wanted to seem cool by adding a zest of Mean Girls in the post. It may have just failed miserably from me explaining it. Mmkayy baiiii. )

1) That time my bestfriend Lyn bought me the perfect birthday gift to make me squeal like a bitch baby.
2) That time my parents left a little surprise at my door.
3) That time my boyfriend waits for me to be done with work after we’ve just spent an entire day together, just to send me home.
4) That time my bestfriend Sya saw something pretty and practical and thought about me.
5) That time we had a fabulous night out for Tabby’s birthday and got invited to AttiCa’s VIP lounge for no reason.
6) That time my sister randomly got me flowers and a teddy bear with a tutu on because she said it reminded her of me.
7) That time Hiddy made my nails pretty in between shows.
8) That time we bought donuts just because their names were funny.
9) That time Sophia altered my holiday dress at work and used the remaining fabric to make me a pretty bow.
10) Today, when we went for pancakes, then took “candid” pictures by the Singapore River.



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