My Favourite Things 2013

30 11 2013

Favourite ECHO photo
(courtesy of Amir)

The faces of exhaustion are 100% genuine on all of us. This was right after Gravemaker and I remember distinctly, not even noticing Amir had already snapped the picture and walked away. I don’t think we’ve ever had a picture of us right after leaving the venue and finally being able to somewhat breathe. This is what it looks like.


Favourite Quick Change
(The Phantom Of The Opera)

If it wasn’t nerve wrecking enough being the phantom’s dresser (almost didn’t have a mask for him for Point Of No Return GAWD ALMIGHTY), my quick change is the fastest one I’ve ever done, ever. 7 seconds. On Stage. I’m literally running on and off stage during a black out and my heart is literally racing the entire time I’m side stage, waiting for this change. Made my entire show if I did the change faster than 7 seconds, died every time it wasn’t perfect. Adrenaline, anxiety, panic, excitement all in one change. No doubt one of the coolest dressing plots I’ve ever had.

Photo 23-10-13 3 21 37 pm

Favourite Outfit
(Black dress + Ramones scarf + Shelly’s Londons + illuminati necklace)

 This happened ONCE. Didn’t wear this combination again because the shoes hurt like a motherfucker and wearing a scarf in Singapore is just dumb as shit with our weather. I toughed it out for one day and I felt pretty fucking awesome for a day in this outfit.

Photo 1-12-13 2 13 29 am

Favourite Phone Wallpaper
(Tags collage)

Nothing like reminding myself of all my accomplishments every time I look at my phone. So many memories attached to each pass.

Photo 1-12-13 2 26 07 am
Favourite Purchase
(Memory Board)

Another constant reminder of how amazing my life has been and the people that make it that way.

Favourite YouTube Video

Well, obviously.




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