Making Lemonade (UPDATED)

17 09 2013

Words cannot quite describe the kinds of gratitude I feel towards whoever is watching over me right now. My life has become a spectacle of amazing events I never thought I’d ever have to chance to experience. These past few months will be ones I’d remember for the rest of my life, and will never run out of stories to tell.

I hope to find the time in the hectic schedule that is 2013, to properly write a blog for all these events in a more detailed manner. But this is a summary of these few months.

Phantom Of The Opera

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I’d be in a position where I’m in charge of a man playing one of the most influential and legendary role in theater. The best part of it all, Brad and I connected on a friend level as well, which was completely unexpected but pretty awesome. He’s probably one of the most down to earth guy I have ever met and have been so honored to have been part of his process of becoming the phantom.

One of the sweetest things he had done for me was to talk to my boss about having him cover me for one day because I had told Brad I turned down a job to work for Metallica because of phantom. It started out as such a shit day but ended on such a great note because of what he did. Although the Metallica ordeal was heartbreaking and my boss said no to it, just the fact that he tried, warms my heart. Damn that guy. Such a fucking sweetheart. So grateful to have met and worked with such a kind man. One of the last things he said to me was that he was going to send a request to my boss, to get me to be his touring dresser. Don’t know if I’d actually do it but like woah dude. Pretty fucking cool story to tell.

This picture might not show it (because I generally just love giving this guy shit), but I actually do like the guy haha

This picture might not show it (because I generally just love giving this guy shit), but I actually do like the guy haha

Phantom Of The Opera was also the first show I had the chance to be “lead dresser” and the experience was pretty interesting. Didn’t feel like I did much for the team during but everyone was so supportive of me and I’ve been so lucky to have worked with such an amazing group of people. Everyone on the team were independent and hardworking and I miss them so dearly. Hopefully we’ll be able to get everyone back together again!

Phantom wardrobe team: local and touring!

Phantom wardrobe team: local and touring!

Barbie LIVE!

Still fresh off Phantom, I went straight into Barbie LIVE! Musical. It was absolutely exhausting and we were still going through Phantom withdrawals, but we somehow survived 2 weeks of full shifts, everyday with no off day. It was amazing how we’re still alive haha Got the plot of ensemble girls, which is always awesome. Sophia and I were a tag team and we worked really well together. She’s an amazing buddy to have. Could not have gotten through it without her. Our 6 girls were so funny and adorable. It was so great working with them. On the very first day we dressed them, they wanted to request to have us go on tour with them. That was 2 in a row for me and I felt pretty fucking great about myself that day hahahaha Loved the girls to pieces and pretty bummed out we only got a few days together but there were really good days. ๐Ÿ™‚

This show had so much fucking pink I tell you. I had glitter on my hands every single night after the show. It was insane.

From Left: Brenna, Amanda, Bridget, Me, Sophia, Candice, Ashley & Tori. Beautiful beautiful ladies.

From Left: Brenna, Amanda, Bridget, Me, Sophia, Candice, Ashley & Tori. Beautiful beautiful ladies.


After barbie bump out night, I went to the airport at 8am in the morning to pick up Gravemaker. Again, I don’t know how I was still alive. It was good to be back in my zone. ECHO will always be my comfy zone. If you’ve seen their promo pictures, you’ll know how fucking intimidating these people look. I was borderline scared they were gonna be snotty douchebags but of course, I was proven wrong. Almost every ECHO band has been awesome (except one, which I will not say who but honest to god, the only band we booked that no one gives a shit about). These canadians, were the nicest people on Earth. For fuck sake. They were built like fucking hulks but such gentle little bitches. They were sarcastic, and ECHO absolutely loves them to pieces. The show was packed as a motherfucker and there were no fuck ups. At all. Which is so very rare but THANK YOU GOD. Everyone loved them and I hope it was a good experience on everyones part as well. They left us saying we’d make incredible moms and what a perfect job we did. *flash proud show mom face* SO good to hear such amazing things. It was all around, a great fucking ECHO show.

Gravemaker + ECHO + usual ECHO crew awesomes

Gravemaker + ECHO + usual ECHO crew awesomes

Tomorrow I start an ALO job for ***1 World festival and that’s gonna be another cool story to tell. Another bunch of Americanssssss/white people. Gonna be interesting I hope. And my company is also sending me to Hong Kong for a couple of days in October to learn my Starlight Express plot. Pretty fucking cool eh?

Sometimes, life just gives you one. SO. MANY. GREAT. LEMONS. ๐Ÿ™‚

*** LOL

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at AM 12.21.38




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