Anthony Raneri

12 12 2012

So 7th December was my bestfriend’s birthday and additionally, my favourite guy from my favourite band also happened to have an acoustic show here in Singapore for the very first time and pretty certain the last time. Because of my Jersey contract, I couldn’t make it.

My bestfriend, being the greatest bestfriend in the world, decided to surprise me with this video on whatsapp.

When I saw it, I was in the midst of preparing for Act 2. I literally squealed to myself in the wardrobe room and started to tear a bit hahaha Sue turns to me puzzled, and I just shook my head and ran off. I didn’t have anyone to share the incredible moment with because no one there would understand at all the kind of joy I was feeling at that point. The only person i told was Zaidi and he sorta just shrugged at me with a polite “i don’t know who that is” smile. Hahhaah

Irregardless, it was one of the best moments ever and I love my bestfriend for it. A day I thought would be spent with me sulking at work turned into an incredible work day and having my idol, in my phone, saying my name forever. It’s a great time to be a alive.




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