Nerdy New Girl Card

28 11 2012

Starting to get the hang of things at the Jersey Boys show, thank God. The first day of training was brutal, having 3 Heads Of  Department teach me all their roles, sometimes at the same time. I was absolutely petrified that they were expecting me to pick up everything they were saying right there and then because to be honest, of all the things that were taught to me on my first day, I only understood at most 45% of it. They’re south africans so they speak with a little bit of an accent and sometimes I find myself imitating them, not on purpose or in a mocking way of course. Like yesterday, Sue was telling me something about the tie or some shit and she pronounces it as “thay”. I found myself repeating after her in the accent, then feeling completely stupid in my belacan brain. Tie la babi kau dah kenape sia Lyds?

It’s honestly nerve-wrecking, having the bosses completely concentrated on me because I’m doing their parts. Furthermore, I’m responsible for the 4 leading characters of the show. Yes, I’m physically and very literally undressing Frankie Valli and getting paid for it. I’m so thankful the boys have been good to me so far and none of them are gatal or miang. Some of the dressers got into trouble for getting a little too touchy feely with the performers and I’m just glad my boys are focused and well behaved. Very professional and they give suggestions on how we can do things better, rather than just complain about things. Seriously awesome pawsome. One of them always greets me, with my name and I feel so bad for always forgetting his name and mixing them up. I googled it and now I’m prepared. Danny, that’s his name. Noted.

Just to make myself feel more like home, I prepared notes for myself, kinda like my own little production schedule and customized it to fit my lanyard pass holder. Bringing in a little ECHO into my current job. Apparently the girl before me did enough of a terrible job to make me look good for coming in to work everyday slightly prepared. My bosses think I have my shit together, my colleagues think I’m a suck up but I’m honestly just damn bloody ngee yiow. But the HODs know I’m trying my best and give me pats on the back on the things I do right. Something I’m not used to and so appreciative of. Being a total nerd about things also means I’m done preparing for the shows like an hour prior to show time and I’m stuck checking the presets 5 – 6 times or else just staring into space.

There’s a little drama going on in the wardrobe department but I’m just going to continue being nonchalant about everything and play the new girl card for the next 3 months. Going to keep up with the I don’t know, I don’t care, I’m just here to work attitude, because honestly, that’s exactly the way it is. There’s no point trying to make it an unpleasant working environment and I’m glad the rest know I’m not into the whole drama couch bit. Glad I’m not part of that shit and hope it stays that way.




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