Make Salads, Not War

29 09 2012

Delayed update alert! 
Last wednesday, I had the pleasure of being involved in my first Esplanade production. It was a mad awesome and weird experience altogether but it was so much fun to do something so different from what we’re used to with ECHO. The peeps at Now/Live, Shila and Dan are very laid back with the way they handle things, as compared to us little snappy hot heads on production day. We should really do something about that but I’m sure people know we’re not being serious, most of the time. (We joke rough?) So anyway, we prepared rider stuff and oh goodness, Robyn’s rider is pretty insane. Don’t think I could ever get used to having to prepare so much unnecessary stuff for just one “band”. Found myself missing our hardcore bands and their gig life mentality so much while I was lining up champagne glasses, preparing fancy cheeses, folding towels that were $60 a pop, tossing salads and unpacking 6 different types of nuts. What. However, I can’t say that being all fancy pancy didn’t feel cool. It did. We had a crew room, which was just for me and Sya so, what else would bestfriends do in such a situation? Put make up on with stage lights on, camwhore and abuse sharpies!

Robyn’s touring crew were so amazing to work with. The tour manager thanked us after anything and everything we did for them and it was nice to feel like we got a gold star for doing such simple things like bringing the crew out for dinner or buying him food because he didn’t have time to go out and eat. You mean people don’t offer to do these type of things for you elsewhere? So I feel I did nothing much other than dip my hair in the tech guy’s murtabak gravy and getting the band lost backstage but we got paid and had a ride home and everything. Everyone was very well taken care of, including crew, which is very rare to see with production companies. There was a delicious spread of veggie sandwiches for crew and we were basically pampered to the bone. Big ups to the peeps at Now/Live for such a great working experience. Sya and I decided to combine our rides to get the driver to take us to Wendy’s for supper. Got high on exhaustion and food and started yelling about random things in the middle of orchard at 3 in the morning, like a proper minarep. I do not know why tired Lyds decided to go down that road but I did and I yelled at cab drivers. I swear mine thought I was wasted out of my ass but I tipped him well for having to put up with my shit hahaha

Overall, a fruitful experience. Fun times 🙂




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