18 Things I Want

11 08 2012

Inspired by this article on Thought Catalog, I’m going to dedicate an entire blog to being shallow and talking about no one else but me. PSSH! Oddly enough, I already somewhat did something like this 3 years back when I had my blogspot. Fortunately for me, I’ve accomplished 90% of the things on that list and the ones I didn’t accomplish, I don’t want as much. Maybe this post I’m about to do will feature everything I don’t want a few years from now. Or maybe it’s what I’ve always wanted and will always want. We’ll see.

Here you go, a list of a few unanalyzed, probably shallow things I want right now. As per usual, jotting things down for future me to look back on and say “Hey girl, you did shit with your life. Self 5!” Feel free to write your own list if you feel like it. This was fun to do.

1) The perfect bra – one that fits perfectly and cups my tits the right way.

2) Complete collection of P. Ramlee movies. The good, the bad and the he was in that?!

3) A real life reenactment of the floating lights scene in Tangled.

4) To frequent at a hotel/hostel in a foreign country so much so that the staff know my name and my breakfast order.

5) AA Concierge Key. (Google it.)

6) An amazing boyfriend. Lots of love, travels and mind-blowing sex.

7) Permanent cure for my migraine. And cramps.

8) To be able to play Waggoner’s parts in White Walls by Between The Buried And Me.

9) Legitimate office for ECHO.

10) Disneyland Paris, France.

11) To be away long enough to be able to legitimately say  that I miss Singapore.

12) A good book that will change my life for some reason.

13) To drive or be driven aimlessly for days, finding adventures along the way

14) Fall in (reciprocated) love.

15) Westlife to be together again. Forever.

16) Have a legitimate conversation with a french person, in french.

17) My own apartment.

18) A good hair/face/body day, everyday for a year. Plus the years after that. Until I die.




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