Beautiful Day

6 08 2012

Figured I should blog about my good days too if I want to be so depressing most of the time.

Sunday. Oh Sunday. Since about a month ago, this day has been unbearable. I don’t know what it is about this day in particular but it’s been hard on me. I’d have absolutely nothing to do until about 8pm and I’m usually too tired to go out. Yesterday though was different.

I woke up relatively early for a Sunday. Danced around the shower, did chores to One Direction (FUCKING SUE ME HAHA) and printed schedules for the next day, all before 9am. I was in an oddly good mood, even having seen what I saw the day before. I was determined to not let it ruin my day. My family recently inherited a leather rocking chair, one that only me and my dad seem to enjoy. Me especially. It’s a dream. I spent my morning listening to boybands with earphones on, screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs (Oh my neighbours must’ve loved me) as I typed out a story I had been working on. It’s an amazing distraction and I’m thankful for it.

Posted on twitter asking if anyone had any plans that day and it struck a few interesting conversations on whatsapp but I decided against forcing myself to do anything that day. I was happy to be on that chair, doing absolutely nothing. Dolce Far Niente – the joy of doing absolutely nothing. Ended up having some heart to hearts with a few unexpected people and it was good. I felt good.

Later that day I did end up in Geylang and yes, it was a terrible mistake but I survived it. And the day ended with me downloading Ludacris songs and falling asleep to “Get Back”. Get back mahfahkah you don’t know me like that GET BACK!

This blog is full of thoughts that are not at all golden but hey, I had a good day on my own. Alhamdullilah. It’s been a while.




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