Protected Blogs

1 08 2012

Sincere apologies to anyone annoyed with me for posting so many of these password protected blogs. There might be a few more coming and I’m going to be annoying for a while longer so please don’t hate me for it. Having a hard time with something at the moment and it’s helping me, personally, to write all these depressing shit down but I’m not quite ready to let everyone in on it. Yet. This will probably change sometime in the future.

However, I wouldn’t say no to anyone who’s genuinely willing to hear me out. Just not into openly shoving my depressing thoughts into everyone, ds’all. If you’re one of those people I’ve given the password to, every protected post will have the same one and you’ll know if it’s protected, the topic would generally be the same. So you can choose not to read it. That’s mostly the reason I’m doing this whole protected posts thing. Giving people the choice. These are things I want to remember in the long run as a reference of something to learn from and someday soon, when it’s not so fresh, share it here so people going through the same thing can maybe relate and not feel so alone.

Merci beaucoup. Bonne journée ❤




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