Tales From My Draft Box

8 07 2012

Since this happened:


9th March 2012- Eve of My Birthday
I was writing and actually intended to finish a legit “YAY I’M turning 23!” blog but sitting down at my computer, thinking about what 22 was like, I thought to myself “What is there worth writing about?”. That’s my excuse for not finishing this one. An uneventful life.


It’s 11:49pm on 9th of march 2012. According to the Mayans, this will be the very last eve of my birthday and I’m laying down on my couch, typing this out while I listen to the ceiling fan do it’s deed and the clock ticking away 22. Somehow way back when, I had seen myself differently. I had thought of myself to be in a way different position than where I currently am right now. My life isn’t a total wreck. I have a family that loves me (most of the time), 2 best girlfriends in the world, 6 lads in a band I’m proud to call some of my closest friends and a boy coincidentally (or not) in that band that cares about me relatively more than the rest do.

Time is moving relatively slower now. 11:54pm. I thought I was a seriously slow typer.

Ahh fuck, it’s 12:05am. I missed it.

5th October 2011 – For The Fallen Dreams show 
Why was this blog never finished? Procrastination, thats why. It got to a point where I had completely forgotten everything that happened. EVERYTHING. I am growing old, obviously.

The show was about 2 weeks ago and the feel of it still lingers in my veins. Woah, way to go to start a blog like this haha

Hello, I’m Lydia. I was the very unpleasant person you encountered at the FTFD/SK show.

4th July 2011 – ECHO Productions
This one, I will probably still end up writing. No idea where I intended to go with this blog though.

If anyone doesn’t know about ECHO Productions, you don’t me at all. It is my baby. My pride and glory. I’m the worst bragger but one thing I WILL brag about when I talk to you, it’s about the bands I’ve booked and the shows I’ve done. Mainly because it’s the only thing I have that’s going well for me. And looking back at our very short run, I’d say we’re pretty fucked up. Hardcore, Punk Rock, Death Metal – we have done it all.


30th June 2011 – “Hate It Good”
I have no fucking idea.

The hate you feel fuels my motivation to knock you further down.





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