Life Update (Nilai + Jakarta)

9 02 2012

Yes, I’ve noticed that all my current blog posts are either pictures or band video updates. I’ve just been epic lazy to write anything pretentious about my life. Oh, look at what I’m doing now hahaha No show, no life huh?

Well I’m heading to Jakarta in a week with my ECHO chickas to catch up with some of our promoter friends and watch You Me At Six in concert. Cannot express how stoked I am about this trip since it’s officially ECHO’s first ever overseas retreat! We recently got our very first cheque in the mail! It’s uber tiny and is not really a big deal but I just wanted to sound cool and mention it. Haha I’m lame but so are you for reading my blog fella. No I take it back, you’re cool and thanks for stopping by heh

Below here is a short clip of the trip to Nilai with ETG. It was super fun to be able to hang out with my friends all weekend long and well, just the feeling of giglife is amazing. It was a 7 hour train ride from Singapore to Seremban. I was having some awful motion sickness and Sya still had her Parkway stage dive back injury so we were both majorly tormented the whole time. We got there at around 6:30am and had breakfast there before taking another train to Nilai.

It had been awhile since I was at a full on metal gig and oh wow, refreshing as hell. ETG was the only band playing metalcore and although nervous at first, the amazing support of the people in Nilai made it such an beautiful experience. They aren’t as genre bias as Singaporeans are. I don’t think any other country is as genre bias as we are.

Granted these guys are my friends and I also happen to be their band manager, but I’m not being bias when I say that the set they played that day was the best one they’ve ever played, ever. I’ve seen them enough times to be able to tell. I don’t know if it was because of the pressure or awesome sound but just major thumbs up. I was so proud of them boys. ❤

The way back was better because all of us were pretty beat and slept through most of it. We got back at about 8am, Joel and Bear took a cab back, Kelvin the train, while Rex sent me, Sya, Farhan, and Dan to RP where we had breakfast before Dan went to class and Rex to work. The rest of us went home, and slept, again.

Did not get to shower for a whole 2 days. Felt icky but pretty awesome. Shorty but a goody tour.

Well that's about it really. Enjoy the video! I made it. And I'm making another one right now, that I'm thoroughly screwing up worst than I did this one. Cheers to TMI on my part. Ciow!




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