A Belated New Years Blog

6 01 2012
Hello 2012, 

Thanks for not being an asshole to me so far. You’ve been great. I remember the day I kicked 2011 out the door. It was not more than a week ago….

27 Dec 2011
The last week of my relationship with 2011 was an eventful one. The girls and I went out to watch Sherlock Holmes at Cathay. Lyn had just came back from her shopping trip in Shenzhen, China and being the bestest best girl friend ever, she bought us some girly gifts! (I think a little part of her did it to save my fashion sense as well.)

And my favourite gift of all – only realized how much I loved this thing after I started using it. I love Lyn for introducing me to the ever so humble looking but way awesome bag organizer! It’s a bag you put your shit in, before you put it in another bag. Sounds ridiculous but it’s amazing.

After the movie, we sat outside Cathay, talking about what girls usually talk about. Life, boys and production. (Last bit probably not true for all girls.)

Towards the end of the night, someone called out my name and out of the darkness peered my favourite dude from secondary school, Rasyid! This boy was one of my bestfriends back in school and because life got in the way, we haven’t seen each other since we graduated. Great thing we lived so close to each other as well so we got the whole longass bus ride to catch up and talk about old times.

28 Dec 2011
The very next day, the girls and I met the girls of Prettig, Sha and Jo, for lunch at Fish & Co. As usual, lots of nonsense and even planned a Pretcho trip to Bali hahahahaha Such a hilarious duo and always entertaining to watch this combo.

31 Dec 2011
The early hours of new years day was as usual, pretty uneventful. I stayed in bed for most of it, watching the latest episode of Chuck. We had all planned to meet at Harbourfront Mrt Station at 5pm to make it in time for the doors of USS to open for NYE at 6pm. Somewhere somehow, my brain had disregarded the total first half of that plan and I chilled, and grilled (a cheesedog toast) and took my time with everything. It was at about 4:15 that I realized I was dead wrong about the plans.

Thankfully, I was merely just about 10 minutes late and although most of the boys had made it there on times, a huge chunk was way later than I was. Phew.

Our group was 21 people strong, which comprised of ECHO, everyone in Embrace Them Ghosts, some dudes from Fall Of Mirra, Yan, Fhasha and some of their family members. We all made our way on the monorail to Universal Studios Singapore, where I haven’t been for a while but somehow have not really missed hahahaha It was chaos right from the beginning.

Sya took the lead and did what she does best, tour manage. It’s incredibly difficult to lead a herd of mostly boys and somehow, she managed it hahaha

As soon as we got in, Joel and I bee lined to the counter where they were giving out free party hats and noise makers. We all then paraded our way through USS, obnoxiously of course, and headed straight to New York for the Parade to start. A lot of familiar faces featured in the parade, most of which I recognized as my fellow escorts, who’ve upgraded themselves to becoming performers. Pretty awesome sight!

I can’t remember much of what happened after that but the true highlight of the night was being part of the proposal! Yan had planned it with us, and he was so nervous the whole day hahahaha What a wonderful experience to be part of this truly beautiful moment. The remaining 19 of us plus everyone at Far Far Away at the time were cheering them on. Awh, gives me chills thinking back on it! So happy for these two!

And the whole gang:

After that, all of us went nuts, sprinting to all the grueling rides. I had been on all of them except the Transformers ride (which I still didn’t get to go on because some idiot set off the fire alarm in the place -_-) but I was so nervous going on them again for some reason. It was crazy, but so much fun!.

The most classic ride to me was sitting next to Farhan on Battlestar and listening to him scream in complete horror hahahahaha What was even more classic was seeing the picture taken from the ride’s camera. I still laugh like crazy looking at it. Rex and Farhan’s expressions can take care ah seriously hahahahahahhahahah

We didn’t have much time for everything but it was pretty fulfilling nonetheless. Most of us were scattered all over the place when the countdown was happening but eventually did find each other to snap some last few shots.

After USS, we all decided to go out for supper at West Coast where we PBG-ed and hung out the night away till almost dawn.

One of the best new years celebration, ever. What a way to leave 2011.

1st Jan 2012
And oh, the story doesn’t quite end there. New Years day was spent with my parents, aunts and cousin at Fort Canning for the Misteri Jam 12. Took lotsa pictures but they’re all with my cousin so….. I don’t really know when or if I’ve ever going to see them hahaha Kinda lame to be honest. The sound was horrible. ECHO shows have better sound than that shit. -_- I was hungover (from being tired) and completely exhausted from the night before to enjoy it much.

2nd Jan 2012
The next day, I went out for dinner with another set of cousins for  my baby niece’s birthday. She turned 1! *cue tears*

Mother And Daughter!

Birthday girl!

Tomorrow, I set out to Negeri Sembilan with my friends for a show. Road trip! Pretty darn stoked!

SO 2011 ended great, 2012 is starting out brilliant. The ECHO girls had our first meeting just a few days back and we’re planning bigger and better things. I am overall, ecstatic about our plans for 2012 and hope everything falls into place nicely.

I feel blessed to have the company I do, my beautiful family and this new year to start fresh. I hope everyone feels the same.

Happy New Year to everyone on wordpress and may all your wishes come true this year! It may be our last so let’s go out with a bang, shall we? 😀






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