Parkway Drive

16 12 2011

I got to see Parkway Drive 3 years ago in Singapore, as a media person who didn’t listen to them and was there for coverage. I knew they were an up and coming band ready to burst into popularity. It was also the very first time Sya and I met the girls from Prettig so sweet sweet memories. It was one of the best interviews I had ever done and I was stoked on it. They were so epic live that I left the show an actual fan.

3 years on, I’m more of a fan than ever. Would’ve absolutely paid to go for this one but since Prettig had helped us so much for our shows, it was only right for us to return the favor for their biggest show ever. That’s saying a lot considering what awesome shows they usually do. And plus, who would actually complain when you get a crew pass for a Parkway show?! Yeah not me for sure.

So as they were in 2009, amazeballs. I knew the songs this time around and was in and out of the venue, taking care of door sales, injured people and trying to catch every single song. It was manic but fun haha 2 boys got really hurt from the stagedivers. Immediately flashed on something I learned from my sister, who took first aid classes. Immediately also made a mental note to get my own damn cert. (Just googled it and it’s $200 not including GST. Fuck you guys.) Anyway, my sis taught me when try to get them to respond to questions like their name, where they were and uhm, what their favourite parkway drive song was. Haha One dude forgot Parkway’s whole set, and another forgot his name. Strongly suggested they both go to the hospital immediately but I’m not sure they did. Really hope everyone got home safe. In the midst of all that, i still got to yell out “RETRACE THE STEPS RETRACE THE STEPS” and “SINKING ALWAYS SINKING!” and “SO CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER BITCH!”, so me happy as a clam.

While packing up after the show, Sya grabs me and Lyn by the arm and goes “Let’s go meet the band” and I’m like “Fuck my hair sucks”. But yeah, we got to meet Winston again and holy hell he remembered us from 2009 hahaha What a sweetheart. Didn’t quite get to chat with any of them because we really didn’t feel like intruding but got shots with Winston and Jeff Ling. My 2 favourites so again, haaaaaaaaaappy as a clam.

And of course, my giglife family. ❤

Such a great day.




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