Spidey Senses

8 12 2011

For some odd reason, today seemed like an unimaginative and uneventful vivid dream. Those type of dreams you wake to thinking, out of all the things I could dream about, this was the best my subconscious could come up with? I get those a lot, but this one was real life.

Standardly boring day but as I was having lunch in a crowded restaurant, I found myself feeling, tasting and hearing things differently. My senses seemed to have been drastically enhanced all at once. I could feel the hot breath on my left cheek of the lady ordering next, taste the buckets of salt in my food,  I could feel the sweat under my shirt tickle down my stomach, hear a young couple pour a glass of coke 4 tables away, listen to the kid at the next table wheezing like an old man on his death bed- I was basically Spiderman. It was irritating as hell.

What I found most odd is how I don’t notice these things more often. Was it annoying? Definitely. Am I missing life on purpose? Perhaps not. Do I want  to continue feeling, touching and hearing things like I appreciate the air in my lungs? Yes.

*Photo that has got nothing to do with post* haha




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