This Boy Needs To Marry Me Or Else..

30 11 2011

Or else… well I’m gonna die alone. News update, I have decided to suspend my dating life, forever. Why? Because it’s a hopeless case and I don’t have time to be hopeless. I realize my blog has either been quiet or plastered with pictures (yeah, I’m THAT blogger now). I’ve been epic sick these past week and now kinda down because a whole week has gone to shit.

My new favourite show is having it’s last season. Way to go in discovering Chuck at such a shit time. But well, I guess if I’ve followed them through the years, it’d hurt more to see it go off air. I’ll be in pieces once Shonda Rhimes announces Grey’s last season. Or when McDreamy leaves. Chuck is by far the best action/comedy series there is today and reading through the kinds of shit they had to go through to keep the show on air is ridiculous. They probably have a whole lot of people watch that shit online. They need to track these things for real statistics. Chuck is not aired in Singapore so we don’t have any other option but to watch it online. People need to give shows like this a sec. It wasn’t very appealing to me at first. I remember Sya having to ask me over and over again to get into Chuck (hehe) and I took awhile to because, yeah it didn’t strike me as anything special. Once I got through the first ep, I was hooked. It took me just 1 month to watch all 4 and a half seasons and now I’m at the point where the theme song is my phone’s text tone and well, this:

So if you haven’t watched Chuck, give it a chance. It’ll surprise you.

I’m planning my wedding to Zachary Levi. Somebody let him know please.

Also, The Walking Dead is still blowing my mind.




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