10 06 2011

This is why I need my laptop everywhere I go, so i can document shit along the way. I can BARELY remember the Abhorrence/Relentless show and it’s only been what, a week? Yeah, exactly a week in 10 minutes. Woah dude.

We hung out with Abhorrence the last time they were here as friends but this time, we were actually the people handling the show. I thought it’d be completely different seeing our experience with No Turning Back was weird the second time around. But nope, it was just like the first. They were all still major sweethearts and I heart them plenty more now that I know the rest of them a little better.

Relentless – we had never met and to be completely honest, seeing their facebook pictures and updates, I had already hated their guts for being so typical tough guy hardcore-ish. Yes, I listen to hardcore, my friends are in hardcore bands and  majority in ECHO’s resume are hardcore bands, but I’m looking at their promo pictures and listening to them going “Bro, u serious?” Who would have thunk, they’d  actually end up to be my favourite Australians to date.

It has been proven over and over again that bands I don’t listen to make the best friends and those I really do actually like musically always tend to break my heart.

My Bed, Toa Payoh North
4th June 2011, 9:51am

It started like no other production day we’ve ever had. First of all, it was pouring mad cows and smelly horses out my window.Secondly, it was almost 10am and I was still rolling around in my bed, procrastinating getting up. It was the most chilled out show day, everrrr. The band was due to arrive Singapore at 5:55pm and till then, the only errand we had to run was picking up of drum pedals from AH Boy’s studio. We then went to the venue to sort shit out before Sya & I slowlyyyy left for airport.

Singapore Changi Airport
4th June 2011, 5:45pm

Joanna and Jasmine were at the airport waiting for Abhorrence as well so we all hung out and watch their flight get delayed about 4 times before finally landing. Abhorrence had problems with their equipment. Apparently, fucking flight broke Lenny’s guitar head. Fuuuck…. Relentless got out first and I quickly got them into our trusted maxi cab homie, Gary’s van. We went on straight to the venue. I remember my first conversation with Relentless to be about where to get hair nets in Singapore. Found out later on that they were poking fun at their merch guy Paul for thinking Singapore requires everyone to wear hair nets all the time. The fuck… hahahahahaha

The rest of the show was a blur to me because yeah, I have the memory span of a douchebag on training wheels. This also means the show went off without any significant glitches. Not flawless, just smooth running. Turn out was not great though because 1) Homeclub show with age restrictions 2) Last minute venue change – fucking Scape fucked us over a few days before the show 3) Last minute marketing – our bad. But the band was brilliant and the kids were stoked so we had a great time.

Our boys from Embrace Them Ghosts helped us out in the beginning hours of the day which was very nice of them. SHout out to Joel, Rex, Farhan, Bear and Kelvin for the help. Talented siol…..

Both bands thanked us on stage which was sweet.. Adko called me Mia. Mmmkay.

After the show, some of the guys helped us load the equipments and luggage into the van for Lyn and I to offload to ABC. The boys were trying to be gentlemen, insisting that we should be doing all this work, because we’re girls but hey, we’re promoters. No matter how much of girls we are, we’re legit roadies who’re troopers so yeah, take it.

I must say though, that load off thing was quite interesting. We got very little help from the dude at the counter (hostel’s boss’ son) and our cabby but Lyn and I managed nicely. It took a while but we got through it hahaha

Lyn and I waited out at the hostel for the guys to get back before we left. Somewhere around this time, that epic Trent episode happened. I believe it was when he forgot our names and was looking at the show tags we gave them. “EC-HO.. is that short for something? Like an abbreviation?” Hahahahahahahahhaahaahhaha very cute.
The next day, Sya & I got there early to take them out for breakfast. Ate at Victory. Or was it Zam Zam? Fuck if I remember this. Shortly after, we were transporting 12 boys + 1 girl to the JB show. Interestinggggg…….

When we finally did arrive at the show, then came the waiting for their slot to play. There were supposedly suppose to play third last and last but they had to shift things around so they’d be able to leave early. Well, technically, even though they did play earlier, we didn’t leave until after Wynken Delirium’s set, which was 2nd last. Wreckage played last and I can’t help but feel bad that we had to be rushing off during their set. Before the goodbye, Dajko grabbed both Sya and I close and told us we could get 2 shirts, which was so sweet… 🙂

The goodbyes with Abhorrence was unfortunate and very very short. Ugh, goodbyes. Adko wasn’t there. Bummer.

Relentless, Abhorrence, and the SG & JB crew

Sya and I were taking Relentless back with us to say goodbye to them in Singapore ahahah They had a flight in the morning to Manila and was flying off from Singapore. We didn’t know the boys had to fill in white cards before immigration so they had to go back and queue again. We were missing the last bus back and was already planning to beg one of the golden mile buses to let us in. Fortunately, the bus was still delayed when the boys got through customs.The bus back was quite fun. It was Sya, Me, Imran, Amir and the boys dominating the back of bus, being loud and obnoxious haha

We didn’t go home that night. Hung out outside ABC with Imran and Amir, talking about the shows and mostly nothing. When dawn came, we all went back to our respective homes to shower, nap and get back there ahahah Promoter life.

Went to the goddamn budget terminal which was lame but the guys had macdonalds before leaving. I don’t remember snapping this but yeah, I snapped it. hahaha

Australians having an American meal in Singapore

Took last few pictures (which I don’t have cause it’s in one of the guy’s camera) and said the sad goodbye. Just seconds after they were out of sight, we started to miss their silly antics already. Godddd hopeless…..

After saying our goodbyes to new found aussie mates Relentless, we scoured the airport for affordable NOMZ since not eating right for days. While waiting on Sya & Lyn to get our food, I threw away a lot of money using my phone data to read my twitterfeed (I do this a lot). Was pleasantly surprised to see Relentless giving us shout outs not only as ECHO but personally by name. AWWW…..

About a few hours later, Abhorrence posted this:

Wish we had a better show turn out but the boys had fun as far as I know so I’m feeling the happies!




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