CRUEL HAND – The Production Nightmare

10 06 2011

ABC Hostel, Jalan Kubor
June 6th 2011, 4:17pm 

On Twitter

After the NOMZ session at the airport, Lyn went straight home whilst Sya and I went the hobo route to scout for places to go that didn’t involve home. We decided to make use of the booked rooms at the hostel to squeeze in some shut eye before heading to the airport to pick up our 3rd and last band for this mad ass production week. I remember talking to Sya about how cool I felt typing out that tweet about having ECHO band pick ups back to back. Goddamn, what a cool moment.

Last Cruel Hand blast before heading to the airport

At about 10pm, Lyn picked us up from the hostel and we all headed out to the airport, exhausted but gleaming with excitement. CRUEL HAND! YESSAH!

Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1
June 7th 2011 , 12:35am

Sya gets a call from Kenet saying they’ve arrived and that they have this and this number of bags and luggage and we all heaved a sigh of relief. We don’t see them but yes, they’re here… right? At first, like any other band pick up sesh, we’d just chill and look out for guitars on the luggage belt and strange looking white people with band shirts and IDGAF faces. This time around, it went a little differently. Mmm, thinking about it gives me the chills. We decided it would probably be best to give Nate (CH’s guitarist whom we’ve met before when he sessioned for Bane) a head’s up that we were waiting for them. We’ve had contemplated so many scenarios on why they weren’t out with the rest of these fellows on Delta 281. Maybe they were shopping for duty free alcohol (most of them are edge so wtf), or taking a shit in there or whatever. Then Nate emails back with something none of us ever expected. I remember I was already pissed at this point when they haven’t showed and the bags were clearing up and went to take a seat away from the girls. Suddenly, they looked a little humored looking into Lyn’s phone and that’s never good. “We’re still in LA and we’re leaving for the airport soon!” Woooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

First thought, this cannot be happening. Second thought, Ashton Kutcher, where the fuck is he with his camera crew. Third thought, venue, equipments, hostel, flights.

We all spent a few minutes being frustrated and angry at everyone but immediately went on damage control mode. All of us gradually have became used to problem solving ever since ECHO started and we’ve taken hit after hit but never backed down from a fight. If there was a tiny spark of hope, it will be utilized to it’s very last sparkle. Till now, I’m incredibly proud of myself and my girls for handling it so well. As mad and upset as we were, we still stayed a tiny bit PMA and got shit done.

One of the first few frantic announcements

The whole morning was spent on re-doing the show and coming up with Plan B and Plan C. It was fucking amazing. Most of the things on the TO- DO list for a reschedule show had to be done during office hours because that was the only time anyone of the people we were working with, will be up and running.

DBS was fucking us in the ass with their maintenance shit and we couldn’t rebook their flights until 4:30am. I was in and out of sleep but eventually lost the battle. Apparently even then, I was still responding to questions and remarks made to and about me. Haha

We woke up at 9:30am and called everyone we needed to call to make this damn show happen and everything was reconfirmed by noon. We had managed to redo a whole production in less than 10 hours. The powerpuff girls.


And then there was the de javu of a day, waiting for the next morning to pick up American boys at the airport. My mom had started to get mad at me for giving too much shit about people I don’t even know and “will probably never really appreciate all the time and energy you sacrifice for them” but fuck eeeetttt siaaaaaa. This is the only thing I feel in life that’s worth my time. USS? Fuck off.

We had brunch at Lyn’s place before heading to my place and then back to get into Lyn’s car at around the same time as the day before to get to the airport. Again. We didn’t want to hang around Starbucks at T1 because boredom was stabbing us in the face and making us more lethargic than we already were. So we decided on a late dinner at Kallang’s Mcdonalds. While there watching a flying cockroach fest, the radio blasted Back At One by Brian Mcknight and we immediately started to miss another set of Americans. Irony.

On @syassnooying

D'aww... On @mikexhulud

Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 1
June 8th 2011 , 2:00am


Victory, Arab Street
June 8th 2011 , 10:54am

To our great relief, this band was filled with members who were actually excited to be in Asia, explore and try new shit. They were all up early to rock Singapore like a bitch. So we took them out for some traditional indian food, Briyani Ayam for breakfast.

Chris documenting Lyn taking a photo. NICE

Despite the scorching heat, we decided to walk to the merlion so the boys can check out the sights on the way. We strategically planned the route so that the boys would have a decent amount of time in various air-conditioned places, including passing through the library for 10 seconds
haha They never did complain. Aah love em!

Bugis Street
June 8th 2011 , 11:23am

We headed to Bugis to let them try the infamous durian. Video quality sucked on my phone and got even worst when I uploaded it to youtube but you get the idea yeah? The reactions weren’t as bad as I expected hahaha

1/5 of them liked it. Major props to Cam! I’m local and I can’t take that shit hahaha

By the time we got to esplanade, it was around noon and the sun was at it’s fiercest. They took some tourists shots on the esplanade roof and with the merlion, shenanigans almost all bands do when they’re here.

After the merlion, we went hunting for $1 ice cream uncle for the boys and Cam started to film himself talking to a bird. Mmkay, interesting little fellow. We then all took a bus back to the hostel for them to pack shit to go straight on to the venue.

Not long before the doors were scheduled to open, the skies started to get darker and darker. I had gone into silent panic mode but tried not to burst out screaming in horror.

Scape Lab, NYC Building
June 8th 2011 , 6:17pm

Actual panic fb status haha

Cruel Hand had just finished soundcheck at this time and the only other people there were ECHO, the opening bands and about 5 of their friends. No one was bugging us to buy tickets. I was slowly getting myself worked up and panicked. I remember the 3 of us in the back room, all worried sick that we weren’t going to be able to cover shit. At one point, I was playing with the window shutters of the one of the back rooms and annoying the shit out of Sya but it helped me to calm down hahaha I went outside to the door table, next to Farhan – this show’s door bitch and he made me play this stupid frog game on iphone. It was so stupid that it distracted me from the stress so huge thanks to Mr Dodgy for helping out! You rule!

We decided to push Straight Forward’s set a little later and that did such a great thing for us. At around 7pm, a huge rush of people started flowing into Scape Lab and I was literally doing 3 things at a time. It was insane! Before we knew it, the venue was almost full of kids. When SF started playing, all hell broke loose … in the best possible way. I’ve never seen such an eruption for an ECHO show. It was, to say the least, motherfucking epic.

Straight Forward || Photo By: Ian Soliva

Straight Forward || Photo By: Ian Soliva

Scape Lab, NYC Building
June 8th 2011 , 8:03pm

Fo reals

We had so much time to stretch out, it was actually quite fun hahaha Everyone could take their time to set up or reenergize from SF’s set and smoke or whatever. We had to get everyone out of the venue to do one last sweep of entry tags, which made it look a little weird from the band’s point of view. It was like “everyone get out, Cruel Hand’s about to perform” hahahahahah Once they started, the energy in the room shifted from an impressive 90% to about 200%. Apeshit.

There were 2 photographers at the show, Kris Gironella & Ian Soliva that shot the show without asking for press passes, and they took such amazing ones too. Here are my few favourites.

Cruel Hand by Ian Soliva

Cruel Hand by Ian Soliva

Cruel Hand by Ian Soliva

Cruel Hand by Kris Gironella

Cruel Hand by Kris Gironella

My review of Cruel Hand’s performance? Well, let me tell you this first. So far, all the bands we’ve ever booked I have always known of but have never really listened to. It’s not like I’m a poser pretending to like this type of music. No dude. I tell my bands straight up to their faces that yeah, I don’t really listen to hardcore and I don’t really dig their stuff. They don’t mind because there’s a mutual respect that goes on there. I obviously do respect the hardcore scene all over the world because some of the best people I know are in it. The scene is downright amazing. And yes, I do love organizing hardcore shows because I love watching people mosh and hardcore dancing. haha

Back to the point, I don’t listen to hardcore. When Cruel Hand played their first note at soundcheck, I knew right away, this band was not straight up hardcore. Almost immediately, I could hear the Metallica influence in their sound. Their set was just fucking amazing. Hardcore spirit with metal riffs. FUCK YES YOU ORGASMIC COMBO. What more, they had to add that little Metallica tribute bit at the end. DIED. It made my life. This band made everything worth every single anxiety migraines and stress break outs. We had to shift a whole show a day later on the day itself. I can’t even process this right now.

The morning in which we were re planning the show, I remember asking the girls if we’d ever be able to laugh this nightmarish episode off, seeing how none of us has really gotten over the FYS/SYG cancelation. I have the answer right now and it’s a yes. Everything we went through contributed to the amazing show we got. Worth it.

CRUEL HAND SINGAPORE CREW || I look so sad in all the other group shots for some reason. This is the only one that came out mildly decent haha

Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 2
June 9th 2011 , 6:45am

I had to take the train to the airport to meet the guys there because I was (and still am) seriously broke from doing all these shows. They had breakfast and we had last few chats before sending them off. We didn’t quite get a very satisfying goodbye because it was already Last Call when we got to the gate. Didn’t even get last minute pictures. D’argh. Hate goodbyes.

My bed, Toa Payoh North
June 10th 2011 , 9:45am

Slept my whole 9th away basically but got up to such great comments on facebook and a sweet shout out from the boys. D’aww. Feeling the major happies.

Now my life is officially over… until September.

For The Fallen Dreams & Shinto Katana. Mmhmm should be an interesting one.

Till the next production drama……. ^_^v




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11 06 2011
Ian Soliva

Awesome blog! Thanks for the heads-up on our shots!

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