Josh Lyford Leaves Four Year Strong

7 04 2011

Click image for Josh's interview with RockSound

[No words can describe the pain of spending half an hour typing on a blog and having wordpress draft it as an empty post. This is my second attempt at blogging about this. Thanks much you piece of shit. First one was better… and angrier. Maybe wordpress did me a favour there. Oh oh?]

Like the real trooper he is, Josh Lyford is handling his departure from Four Year Strong really well. Although it does seemingly appear that he has accepted and will move on with his life without FYS, you can tell from his latest interview with ROCKSOUND that it was not a choice made on his part. For a guy who seems to be the one who embraced giglife the most out of all the members, I was, to say the least, pissed as fuck, when I found out FYS had kicked Lyford’s ass to the curb. This coming from the perspective of a 1) promoter who booked and got bailed on with not so much as an explanation, 2) a fan who did not get to see this fine ass line up and 3) both combined thinking she and Josh would have gotten along splendidly because they’re both a little mental.

He was the only one in the band who would document his adventures on tour in his blog and tweeting constantly about how much it rules. This was refreshing considering the fact that all most of the people in bands I follow really do on twitter is complain about how it all sucks and how they’d rather be home and all that jazz.  As someone who so desperately wants to make touring my life, the news was difficult to fully comprehend. It wouldn’t have been a big deal if the guy was one of those who cannot stop complaining about life on the road. This guy, he genuinely loved the road. Since Josh didn’t throw a tantrum like a baby bitch when something he loved so dearly had been taken away from him, I feel like doing it for him.

Some of the things Josh said in the interview did not ease the hurt one bit. Two lines in particular that broke me a little:

“Okay… woah, what do I do now?!’ Y’know, the last six years of my life have been touring constantly and devoted to the band so it’s kind of like, what kind of marketable skills do I possess at this point?”

” I guess it’s an opportunity to at least try and do some of the other things I’ve wanted to do, and if that doesn’t work out I can always go back to driving trucks!”

The man is too hot to be a truck driver goddammit!

Under unfortunate  circumstances, I got an interwebz response from Josh for the very first time this evening since friending him on multiple networking sites. I had let my fangirl flag fly  for possibly the very last time in a somewhat sad comment to his tumblr post on the split. The only reason why he responded to mine was probably because I was the only one who knew to comment on the post, not reblog it. Tumblr people… psssh. Somehow, I only noticed that my comment about his good looks in that post was, given the situation, mildly inappropriate after sending it, but alas, we all know the guy needs the boost. It also happens to be all so very true.

Send your love to dear Josh and wish him all the best. This is an incredibly sad occasion, especially for those who were given the hope of seeing that line up in January but had our dreams smashed. This band made me so incredibly upset and angry after that whole cancelation shenanigans but it does show how much I really do care about this band. I’m glad things between Josh and FYS ended in peace. God forbid if I had to pick sides, I’d tell both parties to fuck off.

Despite how much pain this band has brought me and additionally Josh’s departure, I will continue to support Four Year Strong for as long as they give me lady boners with their incredible tunes. Everyone else should consider it too.






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