17 02 2011

*Pictures stolen from various people.

None of these are mine except the videos. 🙂

A show I will never forget, from beginning to end.

Didn’t quite take much credit for it but I was indeed the very first person (with much credit to my twin Sya as well) to start lining up for the Iron Maiden show. We had arrived there at about 8pm the day before, mostly curiously looking upon the folks who were getting out from the Eric Clapton show. Even experienced some celebrity sightings! Ramli Sarip la sia! hahahaha People were put on our teams and it was a decent time. Met a few other Maiden crazies and decided to hang out randomly. More and more people started to join us, everyone talking like we’ve known each other for years. Making friends like nobody’s business = concert necessity.


3 - 4am


Sometime in the afternoon

Continuation of the queue

Alright, let’s talk about the queue system.

As you can clearly see from the pictures, there was hope for an organized queue in the beginning. It had started to drizzle in the middle of the afternoon, and like total idiots, the Singapore Indoor Stadium security did not, at all at least anticipate and prepare for rain. What more a heavy down pour. Most of their men in black (Mysterious but useless for what tell me?) were mostly there, standing around, smoking and hanging out at the queue area for most parts of the day, EXCEPT when they were needed most. When it started to pour, security was nowhere to be seen. Even if they were there, believe me, they might as well not have been. All of us at the front was torn between wanting to break the rules and move forward so the people at the back can come inside for some shelter but because we didn’t want a shit blast, we decided against it. But well, all hell broke loose anyway. I was going apeshit and running for my life when the people at the back started to run past me to the entrance of the hall. What the what. Again, no security officials were there to even stop this madness. So like proper hooligans, everyone decided it’d be a good idea to break down the door. What the what once more. As much as I had wanted to be part of this gang, giving the damn shitheads of S.I.S security fucking hell and just going mad on them doors, I also happen to have a little bit of production and show organizing experience. I knew what was going on and what was going to happen next. I knew exactly. I believe I said it out loud to Lyn, purposely raising my voice for people to get the drift. No matter how much we yell for Maiden, and no matter how hard we bang on that goddamn door, Bruce Dickinson was not going to come forth and open the doors, and neither was anyone in S.I.S & L.A.M.C going to let this go. Our tickets were not checked, we have not been tagged and people were still setting up inside. It was beyond idiotic but I do not blame the fans. If I hadn’t been through so much production bullshit, I wouldn’t have sympathized with these assholes. But at the end of the day, what was important was the fact that I wanted to be alive to see Iron Maiden and all this chaos was just delaying it.

After being stuck at the glass door for quite a while, the security folks yelled at everyone like fucking dogs to run around the building to resume initial position. Like that was going to work you little bitches. I didn’t give 2 fucks about much and started to sprint like how I always do on concert day. For my fucking life. hahahahaha Got to the other side, semi front still. I remember Lyn just yelling at me saying “Lyds, don’t give a shit, just go for it!” HAHAHAHA

SO yeah, as usual, we got into fights with security and the crowd. Specifically Lyn, who started yelling at this one asshole we’ve seen a few times during queueing fuck ups. Could not have been prouder to have been her bestfriend at that point when she was totally schooling that little bitch about crowd control. After much saliva wasted, giving tips and suggestions on how he can improve on this situation, the guy looks at Lyn and says “You know what, I don’t have time to argue with you. If you have a problem, the best you can do is give us a feedback after the show, okay?” HA HA HA. I remember bursting out laughing when he said that and a few guys behind me started to jeer that motherfucker. Tinkle tinkle little douche.

I was lucky enough to get my spot back in front which was epicc. Didn’t know what else happened at the back but from what I heard from Sya and my brother, they fucked it up somemore after that. Something about the crowd being separated into 2 lines, queueing to go in the queue? Inception is it?



After much anticipation, I FINALLY got into the stadium. The feeling of being the first few inside is like no other. I’ve experienced this a few times before and it’s pretty addictive. Exhilarating and plain triumphant! I wanted to hug everyone there with me. I couldn’t believe it! I remember reaching the barricades and high five-ing a dude I don’t even know hahahaha As soon as I caught hold of the barricade, I began to desperately look for Lyn. For the first time in all our experiences, she wasn’t with me for the triumphant run to the barricades! As soon as she touched steel, I started to resume breathing. We had made it. Front. Row. Center.



This would be more epic if 1) Backdrop was Maiden & 2) If Lyn got in the shot. What telah happen? hahahaha

This was in the Straits Times!

And this was how close I was (taken with my shitty ass nokia but you get the point):

The only problem I had with the show itself was not being able to decide who the hell to look at! At some points, my phone camera is aiming at Bruce but I’m looking at Steve. HAHA All of them didn’t even seem real : |

Goosebumps just thinking about it!!

Despite all the fucked up shit in the beginning, the band itself made it all worth it. Overall, EPIC.

EPIC FAIL in the beginning and EPIC WIN at the end.



*Written at 3am. Can’t be bothered to read through to edit this so just take it.




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