Weird Find

19 01 2011

Like most days I don’t give a fuck about the rest of the world, I tear apart my room for fucks and today, I found a suitcase full of stuff from my Good Charlotte street team days hahaha. Found fliers, postcards and bracelets that were given to us by Sony BMG in the hopes we’d be troopers and give this shit away. I’m one of those who felt like I needed to keep them all for whatever reason haha

Also, something that i could just kick the hell out of myself for.

2 free glasses of Heineken with each card

and this was how many cards I had.

Cards I had/still have

Should have gotten shitfaced when I had the chance -__- Especially now when I’m fucking broke and in dire need to forget.

Pssh.. well, this was life 6 years ago. Simpler. Now, when I see fliers, I think about how much money was spent on design and printing. I read shit like that on a card and think about marketing.

C’est la vie.




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