A Shot At Optimism

8 01 2011

Every year on new years day , I typically type out a long post about how shitty the past year had been and how I’m going to make the coming year count. Last year, the closing statement to my new years blog was: I end this year with a bruised heart, polluted mind, empty pocket, knee deep in shit debts and a broken spirit. No, I’m not having a bad new years day. I’m having a bad life.

Let’s just say, I’ve never really been much of a optimist. To me, however great life gets, there’s always going to be some fuckery that ruins it all. Everything bad is monumental, even if it really isn’t.

There is always going to be numerous spews of misfortune that’s going to fall on me in life and I’m not even going to hope it gets better, because then, what else would I be doing but really just setting myself up for one hell of a disappointment. Life is a tragic cycle and it’s what makes me solid.

2010 was filled with great concerts, that I can say. Life changing ones. And I can say, I was part of organizing of those, which is pretty fucking sick if you ask me. So if I were to ever call ECHO Productions a job, work for me in 2010 was WAAAAAWEEEEEEE! Family life was shitty but all the bullshit that happened to us, brought us all so much closer. My mum has lived for 48 years and she said 2010 was one of the worst years she’s ever had to face, so that should say something. Yes, my life was full of shit for a while but events like this changes you. I didn’t start doing drugs or went into porn so I think I handled it well, heh.

I had a great new years celebration this year as compared to most. Chilled BBQ with some friends and spent most of new years day at KK Hospital where my dearest cousin that I grew up with gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Aaah, what a great memory this is!

ECHO Girls xo

Nur Erisya

SO because I had a good new years eve AND day, I;m not going to depress you with the sorrows of 2010. For a change, I’m going to document a chronological framework of only the good events of 2010.

Macbook • Green Day •  Old Friends • New Friends

13 & 14 Jan
The year started pretty fucking awesome. My punk rock dream was made. I met Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. It was one of the most awkward moments in my life but hey, how many people can say they nonchalantly molested BJA? Hah.

28 Jan
Jumped ship from Windows Vis(hi)ta to Macintosh. Best decision ever!

29 Jan
Our very good friends from No Turning Back came back for a show at Homeclub. Hung out with the fellas at the show. The fellas were stuck in Singapore for a while due to some flight mix up. It was such a mess. Great to see them again nonetheless.



31st Jan
Made new friends from Thailand! The band Ghost Story had a show here under Prettig and because Jo & Sha were busy with work, Sya & I helped out for the show. We chaperoned and did door. It was mad rad. Such nice dudes!

iPod • Shai Hulud Preorders • The Beginning of My Infamous Sunburn

2nd February
Went further into the apple pool and got myself a 160GB iPod Classic! My parents wanted to get me an iPhone initially but because EEEEEEVRYONE was going crazy over it and I just didn’t want to get into it. Plus, I somehow convinced myself it was just a phase. Well, now I’m a loser because I don’t have an iPhone -_-. But heyyyyy, my iPod is my 2nd bestfriend, next to my macbook now so whatever. I’m happy as a clam. (Why are clams happy?)

4th February
After MONTHS of planning the tour, we finally got to release our teaser flyer. It’s shitty because I did this myself hahahaha! It was done on a windows application called PhotoScape. Can’t even compete with the poor man’s version of photoshop! I made it a few weeks after we got a reply from Matt Fox. Yes, I was excited about it.

26th February
Went to my first golf tournament. It was the HSBC women’s championship. I saw so many hot white women in really short skirts. Wah, every 12 year old boy’s dream. I wish I swung that way. Michelle Wee is a fox. More memorable than ever was my infamous sunburn that latest a good 8 months. You can still see a bit of it but towards the end of 2010, I started to go tanning so that helped. Damn, the number of times people asked me about it, and all times, I couldn’t quite explain it without telling people I was at a golf tournament.

28th February
Tickets for Shai Hulud were up for sale! Around this time, we got rough designs for the poster as well. Credits to Donna. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to use it for long.

Paramore • Universal Studios • ECHO is Legit?!

7th March
I GOT TO SEE PARAMORE IN CONCERT!!! I wasn’t feeling too hot for life in March and Sya was probably the only one who knew about it. She tried her very best to make it awesome though which I couldn’t thank her enough for. My bestfriend is the best. She worked her ass off at a temp job to buy tickets for me and I will be forever grateful! One of the best birthday presents ever!

10th March
My Birthday! Considerably uneventful but we printed tickets to Shai Hulud and posters, which unfortunately, we didn’t end up using but oh well.

16th March
Universal Studios for the first time ever! We got exclusive tickets (which were only $10) from Sya’s mom to be one of the first few people EVERRRR to experience it. WOAAHHH ROCKSTAR SIAL! Again, my bestfriend is awesome.

22nd March
Got my ECHO name cards! LEGIT!

Shai Hulud Ticket Collection • Lamb Of God

3rd April
Our first ever ticket collection session! Met a few Shai Hulud fans. It was awesome. The meet ups went on for all throughout April. The Bloody Pusseh Reunion was also on this date!

3rd April
Hung out with Aussies Surrender. Great buncha dudes!

15th April
LAMB • OF • GOD!!! Best day ever. Lost my shoe (that I had bought that day) in the middle of the circle pit during Redneck but continued on moshing my ass off anyway. Wall of Death with just one shoe on. BOSS! Got a Mark Morton pick and a lifetime of mosh stories. Bwah, best day of my life. Got to see my favourite band ever.

Shai Hulud Tour • Bane

1st May – 9th May
Shai Hulud Tour. First time on tour and it was amazing. It was a little hard with teenie weenie but of Made not only 5 great friends from the states, but also all over SEAsia. Too many classics to put down here. For blogs, go here.

PART 1 (SINGAPORE): The beginning of an end
PART 2 (JAKARTA)    : Missed Us Betch?
PART 3 (MALANG)     : Groupies? Bitch I will cut you!
PART 4 (SOLO)         : Ride from hell
PART 5 (KL)              : Monkeys & Rockstars
PART 6 (SINGAPORE): An end to a beginning

16 May
BANE. Sold out show. Fucking amazing. Did door and didn’t screw up that bad haha

29th May
Deathfest. Chaperone, door bitch, fun fun.

• To be continued…. eventually.




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