Pictures from Guttermouth

27 12 2010

So here’s the deal. Before the Guttermouth show in November, Sya, Lyn & I had reminded each other to take lots of pictures of ourselves at the show. This was sparked from the fact that we didn’t really have much pictures with Shai Hulud. We were on bloody tour with these people for what, a week? Jeez.

But well, ECHO is good at a lot of things, but not so much at listening to our own advice. These are the only few shots taken at the show.. and it wasn’t with Guttermouth. But well, I think we got on well with the touring crew & guest band better than we did the headline band. Weird. Vaguely remember taking pictures with Bubbles and Parker at like 4 in the morning but Parker lost his phone and all the pictures -_-

Cheers to Ary for the pictures.




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