It’s time.

20 12 2010

Just checked directions to River Valley for about the 8th time this morning, pacing around the living room, drinking too much water and my breaths are short and shaky. Yes, ladies and gents, I am indeed getting ready to go for my first job interview in more than a year.

ECHO Productions is more or less my life right now and my ideal future (I just made my company sound like a husband. Congratulations to my sad stupid life), but unfortunately, passion alone doesn’t pay the bills. Responsibility, what’s that? It’s real life that’s what. It’s Singapore.

I hope to have the same amount of drive for organizing shows and doing tours when I start working full time. I’ve seen people sell their soul to this industry I’m about to pursue. I just hope I’m not doing the same.

Hello World, I’m officially giving in.


Just came back from the interview. One of the toughest ones I’ve had to go for to date. It was everything I had imagined it to be. Absolutely terrifying.

“You will have no social life, you won’t be able to see your family, friends whoever, and you’d have to sacrifice everything you’re about. It will change you completely. You will have no time for anything else in your life, including your shows. Do you really want this? Why?”

If I had pretended this was a label or band asking me to go on tour with them, asking me to sacrifice so much of myself, then I can bet you, that job would’ve been mine. If. But I didn’t. Instead, I acted like a blabbering idiot, answering questions politically correct. PR-ing.

So yeah, they probably won’t hire me. Can’t decide how to feel about this. Devastated I’ll be broke forever or over-joyed someone saw right through me.




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