9 11 2010

What a night. The Guttermouth show was one of those days that was so eventful, there’s really just too much to type out. We had all promised to take a lot of pictures on that day but well, when it came, it was just plain chaos. I managed to take a total of 8 pictures with my camera phone, all of which were not very nice shots. Were we really that busy? I can’t remember. Parker took some pictures with his phone and a few others are with other people’s camera. Don’t know whether I’d ever get to see them.

The only few things I remember were seeing people I didn’t expect to see, not seeing people I did expect, making new friends, lotsa jokes, lotsa drinking (on everyone elses part), so many drunk stories, lotsa stress and lotsa laughs. I also remember getting iced with Lyn, Glenn and Cheska. I shiver just thinking about it. The aussie camera guy (if I’m not mistaken, his name is Reese? I’m just a total jackass if this turns out to be someone else)  has footage of it and I’m sure it’s not very glamorous. Hope to never see it haha Shahidah, Rex & Isa were so awesome to help us out for the show. Amazing people.

The turn out was not fantastic but was sure better than what we had expected. People had a blast and it felt so worth it. I still think, no matter what people may have to say about it, the line up was just right. I loved all the bands who performed and I think it really balanced out the whole evening. Every band gave it the best they got and I’m just grateful all of them had as much fun as ECHO did. Guttermouth was beyond amazing. SUCH an entertaining band! I can say though, they’re nothing like that off stage. All of them are gentle and super nice off stage but ridiculously vicious on stage! Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

I remember just ending the night thinking “Damn… what the hell happened tonight?” May I just mention again, I didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol.

Sya & I hung out at the hostel the whole night because we decided it was just easier to stay there to send Guttermouth to the airport the next day. We were with Parker, Bubbles, Reese, Dave, and the ABC guy (I am indeed a total fucking jackass. I see this guy all the time but I don’t know his name) basically the whole night. Parker and Bubbles offered us their beds to sleep in for a bit but the room that was shared with Tim & Mitch (the rest of The Pints) was so dead quiet, we just couldn’t fall asleep. Plus, there was always that fear we’d oversleep.

It all just happened so fast, it was such a bummer we didn’t get to hang out with the band like how we did with Shai Hulud. Need to get use to doing just a show I guess.

Not completely sure what the feedback from the band is really like but Dave did tell us something that Mike Hulud said to me on the last day. “We’ve never been taken care of like how you guys take care of us.” Can’t even begin to express how much it meant to hear this again. I hope ECHO can continue to make our future bands feel like this.

Til the next one…..





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