4 10 2010

Most of the things I’ve learned about organizing shows and booking bands are all by basically just jumping in head first into shit and learning from all my mistakes and taking all the good shit along with me. We’ve learned a lot from watching small but awesome DIY promoters like Prettig achieve a great sold out show and watching simple crowd control fucked up by some of the bigger boys in concert industry (not even worth mentioning). From there, we slowly learn the traits of how, where, who and what to do.

I’m not going to talk like I’ve been booking bands for years and I’m the shit or anything. ECHO is still learning. We’re still growing and hopefully, we will keep doing so. While it’s still fresh in my brain, I want to document every step of the way.

Something that I will forever take pride in is the fact that I was the first one out of everyone to be completely enthusiastic about ECHO. I had faith. The girls did too but I’m sure they also agree that I was the most optimistic when we were talking about ECHO. I know this because even way before getting shows, I had already set up an account on all the networking sites. We had no friends. No one knew we existed but the passion and the will was there. I’m reading our Gmail chats circa planning for Shai Hulud. The show was in May. We had already started planning for that shit in November of 2009. Yes, it’s fucking true. Just to clarify, in the beginning stages, we had it in our minds that we were only doing one show for them in Singapore. Obviously, we didn’t know better. Sentence structure is everything.

• GMAIL CHAT DATED (shityounot) 12/13/09, 11:48 AM

me: nomnomnom

me: AAAA you have no idea how psyched i was la yesterday

me: just accepted them on myspace

me: gut told me to check echo mail

me: tadaaaaaaa

me: sya says that im too dedicated to echo

me: i say shes right”

Lyn: and there’s no such thing as too dedicated”

me: hahahaha im on echo on twitterfox AND the site hahahah

me: i dont think im dedicated

me: i think im kemarok

I can say, for our very first project, Shai Hulud was probably the last band any of us would’ve ever thought of booking. First of all, none of us really knew any of their songs. I only memorized Misanthropy Pure like a week before they arrived. Secondly, none of us really knew what this band was about and what kind of people we’d be expecting. We basically just jumped into that boat without thinking much about it.

Towards the beginning, when we didn’t have a proper portfolio that belonged completely to us. We didn’t know people out of the country who’re in the same industry. Every single thing was from scratch. So everything that is ECHO is our blood and tears. I spent quite a number of days looking through every poster on the internet, , sometimes almost wanting to sob uncontrollably, googling random names to find our contacts. Before we knew it, the ball was already rolling and we were planning a tour. Plan plan plan, suddenly “Shit, i just realize Shai Hulud is arriving tomorrow.” <- Actual tweet. As far as the crowd response, everyone had a lot of fun. They got to see their favourite band perform here and they even got to get to hang out with the awesome dudes. Shai Hulud were grateful for the things we had done for them and having Daniel from Strikehard in Australia tell us they enjoyed themselves thoroughly here was just reassuring that we ‘mommy-ed” them to the best of our abilities. (I kept texting Dan asking him to tell them we all miss them. Yes, I’m super clingy. Hahahaha But best use of overseas text. Ever.) But no doubt, a lot of bullshit went down. It was messy as fucking shit but we tried the hardest we could to keep it within us. Unfortunately, some parts did make out and got some people talking. But it was already beyond our control.

I don’t regret any of it the slightest bit. Granted that things that were done during the preparation process could’ve been improved. Granted the show organization could be better. Yes, a lot of shit went down. A lot. Some of which, to this day, we still live with. We all fought, a lot.

Time Heals All Wounds – Fuck that. Sometimes, it’s just not that simple. Some battle wounds just cannot be mended. Perhaps for a reason. The circumstances have been hard to deal with. We all suffer in our little ways, and dealing with it in our own little ways.

As much shit that had went down in preparing and executing this tour, there were so many things that made up for it. Like a simple “Thank You” from an audience member and a appreciative hug from a band member. It was worth it.

One great deal that’s been happening to ECHO right now is that we’re more open to each other now. Everything that has fucked up for us were caused by keeping things from one another. I feel we’re growing. We’re all communicating better and slowly opening up. It’s nice to see. It’s different and I like it. We have a clearer vision of what we want and we’re all (stage) diving towards it. Great opportunities have been thrown in our direction. We’re so grateful to have such great people in our lives.

Most importantly, I’m grateful for my friends and work partners. I love you both. ❤

So basically, what I’m actually trying to say is that ECHO is something I don’t take lightly. It’s something I helped build from scratch and no one is going to anyhow fuck with it. So, at the risk of sounding like Alesana, if you rip ECHO, you rip my heart and soul. hahahahahahahah


This blog was really just to talk about rufio and guttermouth again. I don’t know how this started turning into something mushy but… shhhhhhhhhhhcmah. Shai Hulud makes me emo. I miss them.

We’ve been exponentially busy these days planning for a shit blast of shows. Whether or not everything will pen out, depends on us. Critical moment these are my young padawan. (I make a shitty Yoda.) Shit loads to do, I love it.

Guttermouth and Rufio. Not versus here. I love them both. I really do. It hurts my feelings when someone asks me about Rufio when I’m promoting the Guttermouth show. Don’t ask me why it does but it really does. I know we’re doing both shows but these two are like my kids. And one kid is more popular than the other. Bums me out a little. But cannot help la eh? Rufio rules.

Hey, just a little reward for those who read my dreadful long blogs, Rufio is quickly shaping up to be one hell of a show. Expect parties popping left and right! Foo shizz. Details to be released like… epic soon.





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7 10 2010


Okay, trying too hard.

And I should seriously start blogging again. *sneaks away*

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