Haunted Changi

20 09 2010

The scariest part about the movie is the old fella in the theater with me. My mom and I were 20 minutes early and about 5 minutes in, the dude walks in with another creepy old lady. The guy trailed behind her like a zombie. Seriously, walking up the stairs step by step. He wasn’t even THAT old y’know you. Shortly after their arrival, my mom decided she wanted to get chips. Just FYI, the theater was dead silent. They weren’t even playing music. Before my mom exited, she says “By the way Lydia, remember “Coming Soon””. Coming soon, the creepy as fuck movie from Thailand that has the ghosts appearing in the theater. Yeah, my mom is evil.

Have to say though, the shots taken of the site were impressive but the movie itself was dreadful. If it was meant to be one of those artsy fartsy no point movies, they succeeded really well but using such a historic landmark that has nothing but the greatest creepy potential! They had so much to work with and yet decided to work with “squatter” and a Japanese soldier? For God’s sake. The only time I was the closest thing to interested in the flick was the very beginning, when they reviewed the history of Changi Hospital and the events that happened at the location. If someone would just borrow me an infrared camera for a month or so, I’d make a better movie than this.

The “climax” part of the movie pissed me off because it felt unending (in a bad way) and the shaky shots just gave me a bad headache. Character build up was non-existant, continuation of story was baddddd and there was really just… not much.

Bad movie. Don’t even rent it. And please for the love of God, don’t publish this piece of shit anywhere outside of Singapore.




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