20 09 2010

Been getting some pretty weirdass dreams these days. Well, with the kind of food I’m eating before bed, I don’t even know why I’m surprised by this. -_- I could feel the anxiety of the moment out of the dream. So I decided to blog about it in this exciting 2 part series (MACAM FAHAM). It’s in shambles because I’m typing this out, just for the sake of typing it out hahaha

It all revolves around Soundwave. The beginning was of me yelling “BULLET!!!” in a classroom, apparently trying to get Lyn and Sya’s attention. Very subtle Lydia.. It seemed like we were all taking a test of some sort and I remember just going “BULLET! CEPAT!!” and I literally threw the shit on my table in the air and ran out of the classroom. Sya and Lyn started to chant “BULLET” too by the time I had got to the classroom door. Thinking the other two would be right behind me, I ran for a pretty long time. So my subconscious wanted to be Michael Moore and capture as much of reality as possible so it took a while for me to even think about TURNING AROUND. Goddammit. I ran back the longass way to the classroom and somehow, I got to a bridge that overlooked the outside of the classroom. There I saw Lyn, Miss Lim (my sec 4 & 5 form teacher) and uhm, the top of Sya’s head (I’m sorry). Miss Lim was telling them to do something that involved postcards. Wtf?


Something happened in between the last event and this but I just cannot remember it. It skipped to a scene in front of the classroom (I probably threw on a cape and flew down) whereby Lyn was running past me (kinda flailing a little) yelling “YESSSSSSS” and Sya stopping in front of my face saying “YOU NEED TO GET A A LEAVE PASS. GO BACK INSIDE, LYN AND I WILL SEE YOU AT SOUNDWAVE.” as she flailed behind Lyn off into the wilderness. Fuck my life. I got away but then, I’m back. Subconscious trying to tell me to be honest? Fuck off.

I knocked on the door and Miss Lim came up to me and said “You didn’t mintak maaf to me for Hari Raya.” (HAHAHAHAHA) Then in the weirdest part of the dream yet, I was literally on my knees, asking for forgiveness and sobbing and begging for her to let me go see BFMV. Please note that I don’t even really LIKE Bullet. This whole thing is just weird as shit. HAHAHA

It gets weirder.

The dream than skipped to a scene of me walking through a crowd. So apparently, I got to go for Soundwave? Lyn and Sya were nowhere in sight and I was there with, *drumroll of randomness*, Stu Ross from Misery Signals andand Matt Keil from Comeback Kid.

We got to stage left, somewhat super front row. I  remember everything else just going blank because I was trying to figure out what band was going to play next. Then I saw Lyn standing backstage, arms folded, looking a little agitated. I waved my arms desperately trying to get her attention (think Kyle Patrick) and when I finally got it, she signaled for me to join her. I signaled back asking who was playing next and she “signed” me “C. B. K.”. I didn’t even know I.. uhm knew sign language. haha I gave her a thumbs up and got a little excited. Then I noticed something. Didn’t I just come through the crowd with the bassist? I turned to my right and I swear to God, Matt was looking at me and had the biggest grin on his face. HAHAHAHAHA Then I heard Sya’s voice on my left screaming “YEAH COMEBACK KEEEEEEEEED!!!” and then I woke up.


So out of all randomness, I think my brain is just telling me I need to go for Soundwave and watch MS and CBK because I really kinda really want to. The end.




3 responses

20 09 2010

Your dreams pwn mine.


20 09 2010

If you’re measuring by ridiculousness then yes. WTF sia hahahah

20 09 2010

You got the flailing part right though. I feel like flailing now.


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