The Girl Who Cried Boo Boo

15 08 2010

Evergreen Terrace is an amazing band and they truly did not deserve to go through the “assault” incident in Pittsburgh.

(Read about it here: )

I’m not being biased when I say, THIS. IS. BULLSHIT. MOMMA BEAR HAS BEEN POKED.

Her friends bashing the band, is fine. Not mature, but fine. I listen to a lot hated bands so I’m used to the typical “you no hardcore, this hardcore” thing (haha). We grown ups take the high road and say, “if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it you numb nuts.”

The THING that PISSES me off is that she’s using the excuse “I’m a girl and they hit me!”. First of all, I’m already on offense to claim that Evergreen Terrace would DELIBERATELY hit a girl. If this was truly the case, I doubt ET would have publicly denied the accusation like they did. If shit really went down as she said, I think the consenting adults would’ve decided to settle matters in private. That’s how adults do things. All members of ET are above the age of 25 and they know better.

Secondly, this dumb hoe is not doing good for her case. Acting like a 12 year old about a situation like this is not helping you. Chick is publicly talking about the matter, posting pictures of her injuries and making remarks like “You have 5 fans left because you’re all old as fuck. Retire already.” How is this not a cry for attention? Plus, no one was seriously injured. Someone who’d make a big deal out of something like this is obviously just a bitter ol’ attention whore.

I am myself a female, a little feminist even at times, and supporting violence against women is just stupid. I DO however strongly believe that if you instigate a fight or jump into one, you’re more than likely to get hit. Although us chicks lack physical strength as compared to dudes, we have brains. THAT means, we’re well capable of thinking for ourselves. If you can’t fight the fight, don’t fuckin’ do it la KNN! She could have walked away or at least tried to get herself away from the “smack zone”. She was probably too wasted to save her own life.

She was a drunk hoe. And a dumb hoe. And that dumb drunk hoe got herself into some trouble. Dumb drunk hoe lost the fight, wasn’t thrilled so she got nasty and blamed it on the band. THAT is my personal opinion.

Geram sia! I just really needed to blog about this because I cannot stand chicks who want to be treated equal and than go ahead and do something like this.

Plus, it is proven that you lose 38 calories by blogging about something that really pisses you off. Taking advantage of the situation. Nyiow.




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