Itu Namanye Jodoh Bro… MACAM FAHAM!

15 08 2010

Yesterday, I got to see The Click Five. I don’t care, they rule. HAHA Very good looking bunch too. Of course, Lyn & Sya wouldn’t entertain my knowing every word to certain songs but hey, if you listen to it enough, you don’t have to learn them. The wonders of pop songs!

So after the very very very short performance, we waited a little while for the crowd rushing for the autograph session to go off first, then slowly made our way out. And then there they were. -_-

We’ve talked about situations like this but usually, it involves uhm…. a band we actually LIKE like. The situation of minding our business and literally walking INTO the band. So not really knowing what to do about it, we laughed our asses off, which we felt bad about minutes after. Haha. Oh well.

So I was a little mean to the people crowding OUTSIDE of 98.7FM’s office when they did the whole on air thing. First of all, you can’t hear anything. Secondly, you don’t look very attractive with your face pressed against the glass like that. Do tits, than they layan k? Then out of nowhere, I yell “So theeeese are the people who’re not in it for the music!” Probably the most epic statement ever, that I felt bad for saying about 10 minutes after. Epic but still, not very nice so I’m sorry to whoever.

We stood around the escalator area for a bit and Lyn sets up a bet with me. Oh lovely heh heh. She’d give me $1 for a band member to wave at me, and $2 if the lead singer waves. So when they came out of 98.7FM, i had my game face on. Hahaha waved like MADDDDD but no one saw me. -____- I even obnoxiously called out for Kyle and member tak layan langsung. HAHA

Stayed and watched a couple of fans creep out and got bored. Then we decided, while we were there, might as well do some ECHO work and check out the venues available there. Awesome. Went to the bathroom at one point and yeah, bumped into the keyboardist and roadie/tour manager. Nice.

Walked somewhere else and happened to go to the pool place (?) they were at. -___- On our way to get the hell out of there, we passed by the entrance to the place and wouldn’t you know it, right at that very moment, the drummer heads out at the same time.

So good job uhh. I got to see my favourite boyband and get sick of them all in a day. But fun times! haha




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