[Sic] Thoughts

31 07 2010

Maybe if they ever listened, they might hear something.

I don’t mean to sound all sorts of ironic but it’s what hypocrites do. The people I detest the most in this world are those who give up and just drown in their own stupid sorrows and animosity. It’s undeniably true that the people you don’t quite fancy are those who are exactly like you. I’ve seen it brought to life and now, I’m living it.

I wanted to stand in this exact spot I’m at, doing something with my life. But I’ve never been more beat down.

People around me show signs that they’d be better off if this space was empty, and that they’d be content if I was no longer around. At the risk of sounding dramatic, maybe it’s just true. Maybe they are just better off. Maybe it really is that simple.


If your intention was to hurt me, you’ve well succeed. Congratulations. I hope this makes you feel better.




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