Her Name In Blood

29 07 2010

Being immobilized by the agony that is the time of the month PLUS being sick with a fever and cough, I’ve finally been able to really just stay stationary in bed/on couch and really really listen to some new albums (some are just new to my ears) straight through to distract myself from violently self-destructing.

Another band I was really interested in is a band from Japan I found when I typed out “Progressive” at a deathcore website. They call themselves Her Name In Blood and if you check out their myspace, you’ll see a bunch of dudes who don’t quite take themselves too seriously. Quite a contrast when you compare it to some of the other deathcore bands out these days. “Oh I’m deathmetal, fuck you” image ain’t fooling no one love.

HNIB’s personality is subtly portrayed in some of their songs that combines heavy as fuck breakdowns with gang chants that aren’t only catchy, but kinda gives you a good laugh too.  They’re not extremely predictable which is a significant change as compared to most deathcore bands. One song in my mind right now would be one called Invisible Wounds where right before a mind shattering breakdown, the band yells “WHAT THE FUCK!” and the vocalist screams something else that I can’t quite make out because of his accent. Pretty cool hahahaha

Overall, their album Decadence was a pleasantly surprising, and all around enjoyable. Really dig this band! Get on it!

This video is of them performing with Sam of Antagonist A.D from NZ. Bestnye…




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