Thy Art Murdered My Brain

28 07 2010

… in a good way.

The Adversary by Thy Art Is Murder

CANNOT even bare to pick a particular song I love off this album. Found the download link (sue me) to this album while looking for The Acacia Strain’s Wormwood, which by the way was boring in my opinion. I’ve heard of Thy Art Is Murder but never really got around to checking them out. Should bloody have. TAIM is deathcore, no legit argument to this but what is wrong with that? I think people started hating this genre when Bring Me The Horizon became the centerpiece for Deathcore but Oli Sykes couldn’t begin to compare to this band. Fuck BMTH. Fuck sub-genres. If I were to label this band anything, their sub-genre is AWESOME. Metal Awesome. Okay? Fuck you. They’re from Western Sydney, Australia and a major UP they have over Whitechapel is the fact that they don’t require 3 guitarists in the band to be brutal. Ha ha. Sorry Whitechapel. You brought it on yourselves. They’re also much more technical than WC and this album in particular should have a kick in the face effect on the first listen. I haven’t been following this band for long but judging solely on the vocals in their previous album/EP, Infinite Death, the new vocalist is definitely an upgrade.

Anti-deathcore peeps, you’re gonna hate this band to the bloody core because BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREAKDOWN BREEEEEEEEEEEEEE BREAKDOWN. Fuck, my mind has officially been blown.


*There is no download link in this post because I’m a fucking hypocrite good role model. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha BUY THE ALBUM. I’m going to.




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