Got $$$? BUY VENUE.

27 07 2010

It’s 8:52pm and all lights are out in my house. Everyone’s already in bed and I’m coughing my fucking brains out in the living room. I feel like my temples are about to burst and shower the world with brain guts seriously. My mom’s telling me my vocal chords might get shot if I continue coughing the way I do.  It starts to kinda make sense when I start to taste a little blood. Fuck. The cups of hot tea and cough syrup hasn’t been doing me any good except probably making me wanna pee every 5 seconds. I wish this whole sick puppy thing would go away already. Cramping my style homs.

Sya got a text from Vanessa the other day about Blackhole closing down. The only decent underground show venue, shutting down. The people at blackhole are awesome and the memories of shows held there are fucking priceless. Fuck, it’s just a fucking tragedy.

Put aside the sentimental and you have another pressing issue that pops up. SHOWSSSSS.

ECHO has so many projects lined up and now we have this. Sya and I were at starbucks just yesterday, almost brought to tears because of this. We had a deadline and were checking up on all the options. News flash! There aren’t many. Of course, I’m talking about affordable venues. I’m not bringing in Metallica for crying out loud. (Or maybe not yet? haa) It’s tough enough that you’re generally just a production company starting up and trying to achieve a BREAK EVEN then this happens. I swear, if we were doing what we’re doing now just a few years earlier, it would have been wayyyy easier. Why didn’t we?! Gaah.

So we have 1 show already confirmed (thank fucking god) and unfortunately, it’s the one that’s the furthest away. WTF is right. I have 1 agent up my butt 24/7, another who’s ignoring me and now fuck, local show no venue. KANASAI LA. So if you have the money and passion, do the music scene a solid. Open a goddamn venue.

In other news, I wanna quote a merch dude on tour with Chimaira. I love reading his blog. Living someone else’s life vicariously while mine is on a standstill. Mmhmm.

“It was at that moment I pissed in a cup right infront of a security guard and threw it off the tower we were standing on, over top of the crowd of heavy metal concert enthusiasts. The security guard looked at me then looked at my tour laminate and just laughed. Remember recently when I said, “we pretty much do whatever the fuck we want” ? Well, there you have it. ”




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