I’m Just Like You Motherfuckers.

22 07 2010

Sometimes, I wonder why I’m not as nice as I was 3 years back. Why I have changed so much? And every time I start to think maybe, just maybe, I’ve become a bit of an asshole for no reason, the universe kicks me in the face with a reality check.


You see, the older you get, the older the people around you get and the more life they live, the more bad intentions seem to bubble up. I didn’t change because I’m just getting older. I changed because you people changed. I’m just brushing up on my bastard manners to fit in your godforsaken disgust of a society. It’s called adapting. If I don’t, I’m done.

I’m a bastard, because you’re a bastard. I’m just like you motherfuckers.

Strangers are nice until they’re not strangers anymore. Sad but fact.

Ever so often, I find myself being nice to an acquaintance, with a favour, or a random act of kindness. TOO fucking often, it reminds me why I don’t trust a lot of people.

I don’t want to have to live with the consequences of trust anymore. It’s exhausting and frankly, unnecessary.

The key to survival in this pathetic atrocity we call the humanity is a simple theory.

Cut ties before they cut you.




One response

23 07 2010

Bitch, I will ccccuhhhttt you upppp

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