18 07 2010

The show was awesome! Expect nothing less when it’s a Prettig show. The turn out was great despite it being a Tuesday which was a shocker to all of us. Haha

Didn’t really get to hang with the guys because 1)I was having the worst stomachache 2)Aku malas 3)It felt like such a short period of time. But they were obviously a great bunch of dudes. If I wasn’t so socially retarded, it wouldn’t have been awkward at all haha

Sya and I ventured early that Wednesday morning to ABC to send them back to Malaysia. We bumped into the drummer at the traffic light and we decided to bring him back to the hostel because the guy was heading towards Kampung Glam area. If we didn’t meet, he’d probably be wondering around for hours haha

After that, we left ABC to have breakfast and saw the rest who were heading back to the hostel. Told them we’d meet them later for check out at 12 and bring them to the bus station. Took a couple of minutes at the prata shop that wasn’t Zam Zam (-_____-), headed back to the hostel and got stopped by the guy at the counter.

“Eh! They all just left like 10 minutes ago with all their stuff!”

Grrrrrreat….. Well, at least they were efficient.

Decided to just try our luck and go to Golden Mile and see if they were still there and found out we were at the wrong bus station.

Grrrrreat. The day seemed to be so full of surprises. So we figured we were ditched and pin pointed a random bus to take us to a random location.

Literally spent the whole day at Iluma’s starbucks with Haikxl and later joined by his friend ..john? Is that his name? Haikxl was already out of the house so we decided all of us “ditchees” would just hang out haha

So yeah, that’s the story of How I Met And Got Ditched By The Band That’s Playing A Show In Europe With My Favourite Band Right Now.





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