The Wishlist

9 07 2010

About a year ago, I was blogging somewhere else and had a section called the “Lifetime Wishlist”. Much to my great surprise, I can actually slash a couple of the things I’ve wished for. Wowdy.


I wanted a new phone, preferably a blackberry so I can check my emails easily and well, I’d be a whole level cooler. Well, I DID get a new phone. It’s not a blackberry but it LOOKS like one? HAHA I can check my emails and such and well, today, I don’t yearn as much for a blackberry. It’s a little too fancy for me. I’ve had this bugger for a while and it does all the things I need it to. Sooner or later, we all grow out of WANTING, and start to slowly seep into the NEEDING phase.

2. Watch Lamb Of God/Metallica

I have YET to watch Metallica but Lamb Of God, is a slash for me. I saw, I moshed, I yelled, I moshed some more, I lost a shoe, I scored a pick, I moshed some more. It was the best day of my concert life. And if I can religiously save money to make it to Perth in October, I can slash Metallica off that list too AND strike Lamb Of God TWICE. Then THAT will officially be the best day of my concert life.

3. Organise My Own Show

Probably my biggest achievement to date. I aimed to organize a show and ended up doing the whole goddamn tour. The fact that I got the most shit to deal with for this tour made it all the more special. The obstacles made this tour what it is and I’m thankful for all the stupid people that brought me stupid shit.

4. Go On Tour

I think most of my sentiments have been documented in the form of blog entries on this very site so I shall not rant on any further. I’m sure everyone I know is already sick of hearing about Shai Hulud and this tour (Excluding the people who were part of it. That’s why my bestfriends rule.) I don’t know if just the going on tour part fulfills this wish or the experiences that came with it. I toured with one of the pioneers of Metalcore and fought with people I shouldn’t fight with… Good days. No, great days. People can only dream of doing something like this and I lived it. Puzzles me to pieces why I still feel like such a failure all day everyday.

5. Meet Greg Behrendt and tell him he’s awesome

I didn’t technically get to meet my favourite author but I got to have a chat with him and I DID get to tell him he’s awesome. Good enough!

So here are the things left on that little girl’s WISHLIST.

  1. Watch Parkway Drive as a full on fangirl
  2. Misery Signals merch  (which I could’ve just asked Daniel to get from the show and shippp??? FUCK MY STUPID BRAIN)
  3. Go to Paris
  4. Go back to Cambodia
  5. Play an acoustic show
  6. Rock the House Of Blues

I have a whole new list of things to wish for but that’s for another time. Today, I’m going to soak in the things I have rather than those I don’t have… yet.




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