Hey Is For Horses And You’re A Horse. . . IF YOU DON’T GET ON THIS QUICK!

7 07 2010

I’m not posting this as a journo, nor am I promoting an upcoming show I’m hosting or associated with. The purpose of this blog is pure genuine love for a band I was introduced to a couple of months back. If anything is worth checking out.. It’s THIS.

If you haven’t heard Me and Mark, please head on over to their MySpace and check them out. The tunes are catchy as fuck and it is guaranteed to spend at least a week in your brain, whether you fucking like it or not. If you fancy what you hear (you have the music taste of an asshole if you don’t), buy their EP!  They’re from Florida and have been touring like mad in the States and Europe. The Me in “Me and Mark” happens to be Josh James, the guitarist of another sick band called Evergreen Terrace. Never heard of them? Go play in traffic. And the Mark in that band, is a kickass singer/songwriter who also happens to be very very hot. A band worth checking out. GET ON IT!

The music:

Buy the EP:

Tracks – available in digital download & CD

1. Waiting
2. Glitter Pigs
3. My Friends Say
4. Hey Is For Horses And You’re A Horse

“LIKE” on Facebook:

P/S: I can’t believe I forgot to post this.

I knowwwwwww this is really dorky but fuckin’ sue me. They ARE truly the most played band on my iPod and my latest “Fangirl Worthy” band haha


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4 responses

8 07 2010


8 07 2010

They make my blog look so pruutty… hahahaha

8 07 2010

Love love LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your “I’d hit it” image. LOVE.

8 07 2010

Brilliant isn’t it? Haha!

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