Oh Sue Me

28 06 2010

Obviously, I had forgotten all about the tour blogs and started my stupid little shenanigans route. Whatever haha. It’s not like anyone is religiously reading my blog anyway… right? Well apparently people do.

The tour part has been documented. Not well but nonetheless, it’s all here. Honestly speaking, I’m not blogging about tour to SHOW OFF ANYTHING. First of all, there is nothing to “SHOW OFF” and secondly, fucking hell, why do you even care? My blog, my business, ya digg? Don’t be telling me what I can and cannot talk about on my private space. It’s shit for MY reference for when I feel like shit and I want to think of a happier time, can? MYOFB

Aggro la abeh. Cannot tahan stupid people.

Meeeeemories all alone in the mooooonlight

ANYWAY, what happened when we reached Singapore was this. That very day, after we landed (this actually wouldn’t be the appropriate term considering the fact that we came home via train but can’t really think of a substitute right now) in Singapore at around 7am, my parents treated Sya & I to breakfast and sent my tour buddy home. Went home, took a shit and you won’t believe the first thing I grabbed. QJ. My little teddy. I wish I was kidding. This would perhaps “accidentally” end up in my next tour bag. Heh.

QJ, my misplaced pet affection

Couldn’t fall asleep in my own bed because … I don’t know, it was too comfortable? Haha So I grabbed my teddy and slept on the couch for a couple of hours. Later in the afternoon, my tour buddy and I decided we needed to hang out because we felt like we were still on tour. Had a couple of errands to run and basically just missed having stuff to do and people to annoy. (Or annoy us, same difference.) Caught “The Runaways” because it felt awfully appropriate at that point but the show was rather ghastly. What a disappointment. All the hype was for shit. -_-

Printed tour tags for the band and us and then went grocery shopping. Not kidding.

I wish I had taken a picture of our little gift-basket-with-no-basket parade. We specifically picked things that reminded us of them and felt a little touched by our touching gesture. I remember one of us saying: “Omg we’re so sweet!” HAHAHA Everything we did for them was purely because we adored all of them like crazy and wanted to show it, via treats!

Rough description of treats.

  • 5 huge bottles of Gatorade – Little monyet’s favourite
  • FOX sweets – pretty obvious
  • Potato chips – somewhere we picked up that Covey enjoys them
  • A pack of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges – because Tim was always falling ill
  • Oreos – Steve’s pick
  • Bananas – because they’re all like monkeys

I typed out a little note of stupid puns that included lines from the only song I know from them. Misanthropy Pure. Haha Signed off as Bombaclot Inc. Pretty epic lame but I hope they appreciated the gesture. A for effort? 😀

Took home shitloads of junk from The Market Place and stored all the gatorade in my fridge with my usual note of warning: YOU TOUCH, YOU DIE.

Woke up painfully early the next morning to send the stuff they had stored at our place back to ABC. I was the only one home so once again, I was left wishing I was a multi tasking octopus. I called for a cab and the driver drove to the wrong side of my area. Fuck. I had to run across to the other side of the road (in one hand, a sleeping bag, the other rolling a suitcase) just to tell him to drive the other way into the carpark area so the shit I had left to carry down will be easier to transport. Sweating like a mad cow running up and down the stairs with their stuff but thankfully, my cabdriver this time was way more helpful than the one I had before leaving for tour. He waited under my block for me to pass him stuff and during the very last trip, I only had one sleeping bag left and the guy asks (dead serious) “What else is there? Are we transporting those too?” *points to auntie with a million boxes*

I laughed my ass off as I assured him that the nightmare was over… well the carrying stuff part anyway. Filled the whole backseat with STUFF, so I had to ride shotgun. 2 minutes in, my cabdriver goes “Sorry ah Miss. I actually don’t know where this Jalan Kubor is ah. Can you direct me there?” Having asked this question about 10 times in a span of 2 days, I knew the exact response that every cabdriver would reply with “Oh oh okay no problem.” But well, not ALL cabdrivers afterall. Since he has his hands full, my cabby actually let me use his fancy GPS system map thingi. I’m sure this was under cabdriver forbidden ethics but hey, it was cool. We got there in one piece. HOLYHELL. But the cabby was awesome. Sya was already there with Lyn as I loaded the shit into the rooms. THE DEED IS DONE!

The three left EcHoes took a bus to the airport to pick up our lovely boys. Only been 2 days and they were missed. BAD. Covey obviously had his standard sincere happy to see us face but the rest weren’t as thrilled? He was the only one that hugged us upon arrival and right there and then, we got dirty scoop about their trip. So much fun haha

Took a cab back to ABC and blah, I missed their reactions to our gifts. Sya said it was delightful. I take her word for it. I was fighting with my cabdriver outside. So much fun.

Sya & I took the vegans to lunch at Loving Hut again. Lyn and Carmen took Covey, Tim and Fox. Before we got there, Mike said the sweetest thing to me. Basically thanking ECHO for everything we’ve done for them. That boy, SERIOUSLY. Sucha sweetheart ❤

At loving hut, I wanted to snap a photo with my phone and told Steve and Mike to “Make a good picture. Love each other.” and this is the result of it.

They really do seriously love each other

Afterwards, we were SUPPOSE to meet the rest at bugis but they took too long so we decided to ditch them and head back to the hostel because the betches were tired. While waiting for a train at Dhoby Ghaut, Mike asks me to put my hand into his and to TRUST that he doesn’t do anything bad. Remembering the “Slipper Incident”, I refused profusely.

Mike: “I’m not gonna do anything bad!”
Me: “You THREW my slipper over the balcony. NO.”
Steve: “Troo? TROOOOOO?”   <Steve is an asshole.>
Mike: “I promise, if I do anything bad you can choose to not trust me ever again.”

I swear, this boy and his puppy sad eyes. I did it and imagine my relief when the guy indeed doesn’t choke or shoves his palm in my face. Instead, he gave me a big hug. *cue AWW*

Got back to the hostel and receives a text from Carmen. “For comfy come to room 9.” I remember Steve standing in front of me when I was staring blankly at the text for awhile. I don’t know what was so confusing about it. I showed Steve the text and the guy literally zooms straight to room 9 and knocks on the door. HAHA I don’t know why but it was funny.

I hung out in Carmen’s room for a while and had a little chat with her and Lyn. An unofficial postmortem session with the girls to find out some things.

Cannot recall the events in between but I know we went to Sentosa again with the same people to swim.

Picture splurge time?

@ Vivo, waiting for a couple more people to arrive. The Boyfriends. Can you believe they both hate shades? Yep, me neither.

In the train to Sentosa... epic pictures because I had the camera 😀

I hung out with Lady Gaga

Couple of betches at the beach

You know the scene in Shutter where the guy can only see the ghost when camera flash goes off? Yes, this happened to me. Only difference was I was running with the camera in hand to see if he was done chasing me. SCARY CAN?!?! Hahahaha

The "WOO FUN TIMES" shot

Not too much damage done. Tim and Covey were drunk and got very talkative for a while. Tim for some reason felt like he was gonna get lost or we were gonna leave him behind or something and kept asking where he’s suppose to go. At one point,  I remember going “Tim, it’s okay. All you have to do is follow us okay?” and Covey continues saying “See Tim. The thing about having awesome tour managers is that you don’t have to know or worry about where you’re going. They have their shit together.” That meant a lot, despite the fact that the guy was drunk when he said that. HEY, he’s a pretty coherent drunk! Haha.”

Other classic drunk Covey moments came when Sya & I asked him the same obvious question and getting 2 funny remarks:

Lydia: Covey are you drunk?
Covey: MMHMM………. 🙂


Sya: Covey are you drunk?

Classic drunk Tim moments:

Tim: Sya you’re my tour manager. Why do you allow me to walk around in a towel?
Sya: You did that to yourself Tim.
Tim: That’s true….


@ the taxi stand

Lydia: What?
*stares blankly and loses focus*


Airport. Sigh. The VERY LAST day was an epic sad day. I didn’t manage to get home after the night of festivities. Instead, I crashed at Sya’s place because I was seriously running low on dough and a cab to and back would cost me a fortune.

We had vowed to stay awake while at her place so we wouldn’t miss their flight but me tired, me sleep.

Lydia: “I can’t put my head on the pillow. If I do, I’m gonna doze off and we’re fucked.”
Sya:” Then don’t put your head on the pillow.”

And I didn’t. I literally fell asleep on my hand. Kept to my word. My head didn’t touch the pillow. But I did fall asleep.

THANKFULLY neither of us overslept. We were pretty quick at getting ready and had way overestimated the time. We were back at ABC by 4:30. Armed with coffee and a stack of newspaper, we sat outside room 1, waiting diligently for 5:45am.

At approximately 5:43am, the door creaks open. I turned to Sya, dramatic slow mo style saying “Sya, someone. Opened. The door. D: ”

HAHAHA Out pops Steve sleepily replying my “Good Morning” with a “It’s not really. It’s fucking early.”

Got them ready, had a maxicab ready with the shitty cabby that charged us $20 extra for waiting. He didn’t help them one bit with the load and watched them carry the stuff one by one to the van with his nasty glare, like they were doing something wrong. What. An. Ass.

Lyn was majorly super duper late and we ended up waiting for her awhile. Tim had conveniently laid his head on my seat and fell asleep and not even thinking about it, I blurted : “So what, am I suppose to sit on Tim’s head?” I already knew the joke from the day before but it didn’t hit me until after I said it. Obviously, Mike is the first to jump on it. “No… Tim can sit on his own head. If he tries hard enough.” (By the way, that joke is a 3.5. It’s only funny when you’re crazy exhausted and fart jokes are funny.)

Got to the airport, major sadness. Had some baggage problems because the airport people didn’t believe these OBVIOUSLY American born kids took the plane from the states. -_- Shit got HANDLED and they were set and ready to go. Aww fire truck.

The saying goodbyes and the hugging. HAIYAHHHHH Isa & Hadi were also there to send them off.

I remember Covey saying “Thank you for taking such good care of us.” I responded with a “Thanks for being so awesome.” when I just wanted to break into the dramatic ugly cry, imitating an irritating japanese emoticon I remember having. Because I knew that the moment they got out of sight, reality would set in. When reality sets in, the things I left unresolved, the problems awaiting pondering would all again be top priority.

When I was on tour, top priorities were the lives of these 5 boys. Get them to places on time, catching flights, making sure they get fed.  Things I did, with pure will. Now, shit had to start again. What the fuck.

It was so hard to say goodbye to them but it had to be done.
Chapter closed. Life felt like it was over.

The frame didn't make for less than a day after this picture was taken. RIP

A few weeks later, Sya & I found ourselves back at blackhole helping out for Singapore Death Fest 2010 and well well, guess what we found.

Don't know if it was Steve or Fox who wrote this on Blackhole's wall. Pretty sick.





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29 06 2010

I know Matt wrote something on the wall. Ha.

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