Shai Hulud Tour Part 5: Kuala Lumpur!

10 06 2010

The Indon promoters overslept so they couldn’t take us to the airport. So we took a cab ourselves.

We had 2 days off in KL. It felt weird because the day before also turned out to be an off day for the boys because the show got axed. But eh, it was a manic transition from a shitty morning to a whole lot of awesome.

The drive from the KL airport to our hotel was about an hour and then some. Sya & I rode separate vehicals from the boys and had time to kinda get away from them for awhile. About 10 minutes in, we started to already worry and miss them hahaha. The sleep in the car was incredible!

The locals took the boys to a Chinese restaurant to eat. Obviously, it wasn’t halal so Adi, Daniel and crew told us they’d take us somewhere else to eat after we get the white boys back to the hotel. It was refreshing to be able to understand everyone for once in a few days! Hahaha Malaysian dudes were hilarious.

Had food at one of those stalls by the road side. Felt pretty cool. Haa. What more when the guys at the store told us the food was on the house. I had never felt so at home in Malaysia before. Everyone was so warm and lovely.

Got back to the hotel and skyped with my mommy. She was so fascination by the whole “my-daughter-is-overseas-but-she’s-right-here” thing hahahaha

GOT TO SHOWER AND SHIT OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t remember what we did that day but apparently, we… didn’t do anything on the first day. We had a hard time falling asleep at first because of the whole GOT-THINGS-TO-DO, GOT-THINGS-TO-DO ,GOT-THINGS-TO-DO and then suddenly, NOTHING? Haha. We slept a couple of hours before being woken up by Fox because he wanted to borrow our charger. Thanks a lot eh! Couldn’t fall back asleep so Sya & I decided to go on Chatroulette and ended up counting dicks. HAHA what has this world come to?!?! We camwhored with our new shades we got for RM15 before being told we could get them for RM5 -_-

Went to Batu Cave the next day. Daniel got chased by a monkey. Classic. Mike got to meet all his little cousinsss… how sweet. Broke my slippers singing and dancing to parkway. So smart. Got caught on video but Thank god, it was on Fox’s phone so will probably never see it. HAAA Pictures are from Steve’s camera. For some odd reason, Sya & I didn’t think about taking pictures on tour. Idiots. -_-

Batu Cave

Ouh, the boys went swimming at a waterfall, NAKED, while Sya, Harris, Daniel and I went for a meeting at some hot shot music label office. Intense. Pretty cool.

How important do we look in this picture ay? Haha

Got driven to a couple of places but it’s all so cloudy in my head right now.. haha I remember a mall and oh, BBQ! Good food, swimming pool and laughs. Nice time. Ultimate favourite moments were when Covey would randomly do his mom voice. “Don’t go to the deep end of the pool boys! Your stomachs full okay…” and how Mike would encourage it with his little boy tantrums. HAHAHA (awh man. Typing this makes me miss them so! )

Show day was hectic.

As usual, the events are in a clusterfuck in my brain. I believe we went to the venue for soundcheck and this happened:

Soundcheck. Mike being charming

After, we went to KLCC to eat. Like the idiots we are, we didn’t take touristy pictures for the boys or ourselves. LAME. We just… ate. Haha. I went back to the hotel with the boys while Sya went to the venue to set up the merch.

I remember having a decent chat/gossip with Fox (For once, Fox and I got along. HAHA) right before heading to the venue for the show, when the rest decided to venture out into the Chinatown bazaar on their own. “We’ll be back by 8:45. In time for the transport.” “No, make that 8:43. Lobby. 8:43 ya herre?!”

I ran down to the lobby at 8:42, expecting to have to run around the bazaar looking for them. I stood outside the hotel lobby door, looked around for a little bit and noticed the boys weren’t in sight. Panicked for a whole second, looked at my watch and it was 8:43. Was about to get mad when suddenly, amongst the clusterfuck of asian people, emerged some very familiar faces. I was amazed and in AWE. I remember just thinking “Man, my first touring band and they are so…. Amazing.” Right when I had that thought in my head, Steve and Mike sandwiched me and did their little boyfriends wiggle dance.  RIMAS! And unfortunately, the guy I actually had to worry about was the one that was at the hotel the whole time. Fox took the longest to get ready to leave -_-

Right when we got to the venue, I started to feel woozy and vomitatious but I tried to hold back as much as I knew how. I remember power napping at the merch booth while an opening band was performing and having people talk over my head haha… good times. It was nice seeing all the familiar faces everywhere.

When it was time for Shai Hulud to hit the stage, I decided to give it all I got. It WAS gonna be the last time I’ll be watching them for…. either EVER or a really long time, so might as well just give it all I’ve got. I got so pumped up, I had wanted to run into the moshpit so badly. Wasn’t helping that everyone standing around us were urging me to get the hella in here haha. But I figured, with me in slippers and feeling like shit, I’d either lose a foot or faint in the pit. Felt like I should’ve just went in haha And DURING Misanthropy Pure, the ONLY song I knew the lyrics to, people started to swarm the merch booth and asking for pictures with us. I was yelling out the lyrics and “posing” for pictures at the same time. Not good. NEETCH KEETCH OBVIOUSLY, the pictures turned out HORRIBLEEEE Hahahaha But well, their set was amazingly fun. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Kuala Lumpur 2010. Amazing!

Fox thanked us during their set, which I thought was very thoughtful of him. I felt so awesome when everyone cheered at the mention of “ECHO Productions.” Oh gosh.

We sold all the merch in KL. Amazing.

This was after their set. Lyds = Calmer

Oh amazing thing happened. Sya & I bought watches right before we left for tour and I remember saying “This watch is for the Shai Hulud Tour and for this tour only. It’s probably  gonna break right when we finish it.” And guess what? That’s exactly what happened. It was our last night with the boys and right as they played their very last note, my wrist accidentally hit the merch table and broke the strap and glass. Nice Haha

It was a nice run, watchy. Thanks for the memories haha

Tim, Covey and Fox wanted to go out with some of the locals for a drink/party. I would’ve stayed with them if I hadn’t felt like death warmed up. Steve, Mike, Sya & I went straight back to the hotel. Amazing memories of running from the lift to our hotel room, throwing up in my hand. Right as I got to the bathroom, RELEASE! I threw up the contents of my stomach, mostly water and acid. It had gotten so hectic that Sya & I forgot to eat the whole day. -___- Silly. Sya took Steve to 7-eleven so I had the room all to myself to do my little dramatic vomit scene, completely sprawled on the bathroom floor, tears and a smile on my face. It was bad and awesome. haha Not eating was probably not such a great idea. Went straight for a shower and bed.

Woke up the next morning, back on tour mode. Didn’t feel as shitty but right when I saw the boys, I couldn’t feel much. They were nice enough to actually ask how I was. Sweethearts ❤

Four of the boys took the car with one of the locals while Fox, Sya and I took an awesome cab(which we paid RM100 for when we could’ve taken a RM9 bus! Gaah) for the hour drive to the airport. Had a decent chat with Fox, again and I said more things than I wished I had. HOPEFULLY, he’ll keep his word and NOT SAY ANYTHING. Oh shit.

The goodbye was sad and weird and sad…mostly just very sad. Adi and Man were there to send them off too which was cool. They hung out with us for a good 5 hours after sending the boys off because Sya & I had decided to take a train home to Singapore. Train = to another day in KL. After Adi and Man left, Sya & I prettty much went all out and splurge on food. Balas dendam but tak sangat because we were too tired to. We suck. Haha

Secret Recipe

Had secret recipe and bought Mother’s Day presents for our moms. And then the waiting came. I was on the verge of getting my period so I was MOOOOOOODY as HELLLLL and I wasn’t feeling well and woah, it was horigiber. HOWEVER, the train ride made up for it. SICK FUCK. Train was at 10pm, slept at 11pm woke up at 6am. FULL ON SLEEP. Woah. The bed was so comfy! Didn’t get to balas dendam makan but got to balas dendam on SLEEP! haha


My parents picked us up from the train station and woah, tour was over…..

but not quite? They were gonna be back in 3 days. Only a couple of hours and we were already starting to miss them terribly. HOPELESS……





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