Shai Hulud Tour Part 4: Solo

6 06 2010

So we almost died because of turbulence from Jakarta to Malang. Well……. the drive to Solo was worst.

<Caution: This piece is a little wordy.>

I don’t quite blame our driver because if you didn’t drive like the Tazmanian Devil on crack, you’d be beat. I slept most of the way but opening my eyes the first time, was a huge ass mistake. I couldn’t go back to sleep because the road was insane!!!

The Reaper

Air conditioning busted 2 hours before the drive was done so we rode the rest of the way with the windows open. I was so scared of looking forward, I ended up counting goats on the sidewalk. Yes, GOATS.

HAD to. Sorry.

They took us to a little bungalow where the boys had some DELICIOUS home cooked food and internet access. The promoter told us the show had about 500 presales down and were expecting a crowd of 1500 – 2000. About an hour after that, we were told the show was canceled due to permit issues. Fucking boner crusher. I was looking forward so much to that show! Gaah. We spent like a couple of hours there before heading to the hotel to pass time? Shorty after, I received some pretty shitty news from home. Man the good times just kept on rolling in.

The promoters drove us to the hotel and all I could think about was showering. We didn’t shower the day before because… well there was no time and well, we felt like we had a day left in us. Once at the hotel, I immediately I went on a mini sprint to check the toilet out. D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-M-E-N-T OF THE CENTURY. One thing I cannot tolerate is a dirty bathroom and this one was, disastrous.  I didn’t wanna use it so badly but it had became a NEED TO SHOWER. I remember Sya and I not even exchanging comments about the toilet until after leaving the place because we didn’t wanna make each other feel so fucked up.

Sugary ants.... yumm

The bed was another disaster. Apart from random stains on the sheets, it wouldn’t shut the fuck up! Couldn’t move a finger without it creaking like crazy. Fuck shit. We took a short ass nap before being woken up by a couple of knocks on the door. Half asleep, I went to check who it was to find no one there but the room service chick in front of another room. Puzzled but beyond exhausted to even think about it, I shut the door telling Sya “there’s noone there. I think the room service girl knocked on the wrong door” before collapsing back onto the shitty bed and back into a mini coma. Not long after, someone started banging at the door. This time, Sya went to check on it and when she saw the chick across the hall giggly, she went straight into Mike, Tim and Steve’s room to check on them. I stayed on the bed for awhile before following her. Was directly outside their room when I heard Sya saying “No but I think you woke Lydia up.” Only THEN did I process the situation. -___-

“Hey Lydia did I wake you?”

Apparently Mike had spilled the beans by trying to pin it on Steve, even before Sya had said anything. Hahaha monyet monyet. And oh the slipper incident. I can’t remember how or when Mike got hold of one of my slippers but he did. The little monkey dangled it over the balcony and goes “Lydia, say I won’t.” “No.” “Say I won’t!” “NO!” “Say I won’t!!!!” “FINE YOU WON’T” *throws it over*

I remember chasing him and slapping him non-stop to go get it. Bassssssket! This led to me not trusting anything Mike says or does for the rest of the tour, which he made up for about 6 days later in Singapore. (Yes Steve, he THROOOOOOOOOO my slipper off the balcony. Chibai.)

The locals took us to a mall for dinner and he went around the foodcourt like 5 times before settling. Covey, Fox & Tim decided they felt like eating something almost close to home so they picked pizza hut. I felt bad that Sya & I were giving the other 2 so much more attention so I went with the non-vegans. Good decision. I got to eat pizza hut in Indonesia. How cooool am I? Unfortunately, cheesy bytes tasted exactly how they taste like in Singapore. Haaaaa. The juice I had kicked so much ass though. But oh boy, I felt like such a little dumbass sitting at a table with these people. The conversations were…. I’d say not suited for someone with sleep deprivation.

After dinner, we met with the locals and wandered around the mall for ice cream or whatever it is the boys were craving for. What Shai Hulud wants, Shai Hulud gets! (macam faham) I felt Sya & I were just basically tagging along to keep these boys entertained. One thing I know Mike & Steve enjoyed doing is making fun of us or the way we talk and say things. Me especially. -_- I didn’t know I had that weird of an accent before this tour. They had nicknamed the accent Bombaclot and wouldn’t stop repeating it, ever. “Move to da the rhythm of the bombaclot boo dee doo.” And the thing about Mike is that he’d say something sarcastic or mean to me and almost immediately goes “I’m kidding I love you” and proceeds to suffocate me with an unshowered hug. It’s not like I don’t quite appreciate Mike’s tendency to smother me with hugs but COME ONNNNNNNN. Once I mentioned knowing he hasn’t showered in days, the hugs became more and more frequent. BOYFREN U NASTY! But Mike is a sweetheart to everyone he meets. Didn’t encounter ANYONE on this tour that didn’t love the boy to pieces. This kid has got some kind of little bubbly boy thing going on and people just generally love him for it. Notice how I’ve repeated the word BOY so many times while describing Mike haha

After the ice cream (or whatever), one of the local guys invited us to see his distro and for some odd reason, we ended up at the top floor of the mall and losing track of where the locals went. So we just sat down at some fast food joint and the boys told us stories about Europe and tour and whatnots. Fond fond memories.

Later on, we had rushed down to the entrance because they said the car was coming to pick us up and well, ended up waiting a whole hour or so.

Generally what this whole tour was about. I feel bad about  this and wish things
were different when I had control over things but they had to wait ALOT in Singapore
also. The cabs were so unbelievably extra shitty when the boys were here.
GAAAAAAAAAAH. Lesson learned

Finally got picked up and they drove us to bungalow that turned out to be a mini meet & greet venue for the kids who missed the show. Got news of someMORE drama, handled it. Faced another kind of drama, handled it. Fight broke out, didn’t wanna get involved. GODDAMN, Sya & I reeeeeeeeeeally faced some kind of a drama fest on this tour. We had our own drama to deal with ..and then some. Seemed like every state had something to say. And I personally did not mind hearing about it. It felt a little shitty at one point when the situation was out of our hands and we couldn’t do anything to help.

Got to the hotel, had a little session with the local promoters and went to bed, feeling shitty and worthless.

Woke up the next morning, faced with a challenge. Handled it, pissed.

Shitty hotel but nonetheless, charming city. Sunrise in Solo.

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