Shai Hulud Tour PART 3: Malang

6 06 2010

Trying to blog about tour is like trying to piece together a fucked up puzzle. I’ve been fucking up incident and date. In the last post, I mentioned us going straight to the venue from the airport and then going to our accommodation but that actually happened in Malang, because the villa we’re suppose to stay at was an hour away from the venue. I’ve even been screwing up current days because of tour. “Oh that didn’t happen on tour?”. FUCK haha.

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That ^^^^ is ridiculous because I was on the same flight, a couple of seats from the guy so shut the fuck up. Plus, if anyone were to kill Fox in Indonesia, it would’ve been me. On the flight FROM Jakarta to Malang however, all of us DID think it was the end of the road. The turbulence was… oh my god. I remember at one point, one of the boys were like “ARE WE GONNA DIE?!” I actually kinda enjoyed it. The tour managers were rocking out to Arch Enemy on iPod while the band was scared for their lives. I think at that point, I figured, what have i got to lose here? HAHAHA

We had to land in Surabaya because of the shitty weather and Sya & I had already started preparing for Plan B. How the fuck do we get to Malang from here?! Luckily, the plane took off again and got us straight to Malang.

In Malang, it was barely drizzling but they had 8 men lined up with umbrellas from the plane all the way to the tiny little bus that was suppose to get everyone in the plane, to the airport. The gaps in between seats were so small that I had my face in my backpack and a guys crotch next to me the whole way. WOW. The longest ride ever. It lasted for a whole minute. “Oh we’re moving…….. oh we’re here?” -___________- WASTE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Got to a little gate which was obviously NOT an airport and everyone rushed out at once. We hung around for instructions on when we can get the equipments and a random white dude came up to us. He made small talk with Covey, Steve and Mike. Sya & I were in the circle but evidently invisible. When he did notice us, he asked “Are they your fans following you around.” I chuckled at that sentence but truthfully, I wanted to kick him in the nuts. SERIOUSLY?! JUST BECAUSE WE’RE GIRLS AND ASIANS, WE’RE GROUPIES AH KIRAKAN. KAU FIKIR KAU SAPA? MENTANG MENTANG KULIT KAU PUTIH, KAU FIKIR KAU MANE NYE BESAR SETAN…. ahem.

Anyway……… we were driven straight to the venue by Adit (such a sweetheart!) and remember the first words from the boys’ mouth. “Wow, we’re playing in a tunnel. How cool are we right now?” Heh. The venue was huge and pretty cool. They had posters of bands and girls everywhere on the walls. One thing I couldn’t stand about it though was the endless fucking smoking! I couldn’t breathe the whole time I was there. JESUS.

Got myself in trouble for watching a fight. HAHA This dude was getting the shit beaten out of him by what seemed like 10 other dudes and I stood there, thinking I should help but also having in mind that I might get my ass kicked for helping a total stranger. I ended up standing there doing nothing, (smiling according to Sya) and had the fight come towards me. Covey ran out to stop the fight. Wah PANIC CAN?! But it worked. Well, I can say I was somewhat in a fist fight and I got punched in the finger. Awesome.

Malang show was pretty cool. Most of the crowd REFUSED to participate and move forward, which was so sad to see. I managed to climb these impossible spiral stairs to the lounge area where they had pool tables and more smoking people. Took a video but the lights were impossible! You can see a pathetic second of the awesome mosh in this video. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the exciting mosh parts because of the lighting but hey, take my word for it, there was a moment where the WHOLE venue went into a moshing frenzy. It was one of the best things I’ve seen on this tour. I thanked God for my awesome view of a chibai good circle pit. MADNESS!

More stuff happened in Malang but I shouldn’t be talking about it in a public blog. I’m writing somewhat of an anecdote about the whole preparation process and personal stuff that happened on tour so wait a couple of years. Maybe I’ll be awesome enough to publish a whole book about touring bands. Heh.

The band stayed at a delightful villa that was the promoter’s brother’s holiday house (or something like that). The promoters were so concerned that Shai Hulud’s tour managers were girls and we didn’t have our own room. Obviously, Sya and I weren’t the slightest bit bothered by this fact because we had our mind set on sleeping on the streets in Malang and we were just glad we had somewhere to lepak for the night. Decided to skip sleep, just in case we miss our early transport. We had a lot to gossip about anyway with each other AND with our new found friends Adit and Dely. I tell you, these two, are the cutest couple on the planet. Honestly. By far the best people we’ve met on this tour! We learned a lot from these two. LOVE THEM! Adit made us coffee and we stayed up all night chatting about shows and shitty people. Pretty awesome.

Not long after, it was time to wake the boys up to get on our 7 hour van ride to Solo. Fueled by lack of sleep and plain exhaustion, Sya & I couldn’t stop laughing, sometimes about nothing. Most times though, at Steve. And his moisturizer. Don’t ask.

The drive…………………… woah.





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