Shai Hulud Tour PART 2: Jakarta (i fucked up some details haha)

23 05 2010

Jakarta || 2nd May 2010

The most I knew of the place were from stories I’ve heard. The most memorable thing about the flight from Singapore to Jakarta was the intoxicating smell of the little kid that threw up in front of us. She was sitting directly in front of me so I didn’t see how it happened but Mike, having seen the kid actually throw up, animatedly reenacted the whole thing to the rest of us. How kind of him. -_- I swear I had wanted to throw up from listening and smelling that kid. Jesus.

Sya & I loaded their bags and guitars into carts while they settled some visa issues. I remember at one point trying to push 2 loaded carts all by myself while Sya was getting the boys. Only someone with acrobatic skills and awesome footwork would be able to full this off. I made it 6 feet. Yet another incident where I wished I had more than 2 arms.

We were greeted by Adi, our Indonesia promoter and a couple of his team mates (that I don’t think we got introduced to) right after and we were all driven to our accommodation for the night and let me tell you, Sya & I have never been so bloody thrilled to be in a hotel. Having no sleep for more than 24 hours, we would have been fine with just a bed and pillow to put our heads on but the place was fucking AMAZING. We took a short nap before heading to “The Green Café” for the band’s soundcheck. The Jakarta organizers sure had their shit together and everything was handled way efficiently, to the point whereby Sya & I were tossed aside, with nothing to do. It was however such a relief that everything was handled nicely and no fuck ups were experienced. Pretty sweet. I had a little problem trying to communicate with the locals. It was only then did I finally get the fact in my head. Malay language and Bahasa Indonesia? Yeah not the same thing. Not even remotely close.

After the guys had dinner, Sya & I had to go back to the hotel to do some tour stuff (and missed Pee Wee Gaskin’s set… AGAIN. WTFFFFFF) and took Steve with us because the guy left his bag behind… or something. I can’t remember haha. We told Steve we won’t be going to the venue together with him and he reacts, the old Steve way.

“Oh I get it, you guys have “tour stuff” to do. When really, you guys just wanna miss our set. Hey I get it. You don’t want to watch our set, I get it.”

Haha Betch please! To be honest though, it had crossed my mind. Stay in the hotel and rot because the transition of show organizer/chaperone to tour managers was taking its toll on us. We discussed and pondered over ramen and figured we’d feel too bad about leaving the boys all by their lonesome selves (NOT) at the venue. Best decision EVER.

We weren’t even gone for more than 2 hours but honestly, y’all should have seen the look on Steve’s face when we showed up. Missed us Betch? Bwahaha

“I really didn’t think you’d come back.”

“And miss your set? C’mon, Shai Hulud is like… my favourite band… ever.”
Haha right.

Their set was amazing.

They were really into it and couldn’t see much of what was going on so I took a short video for them to review after the damage. I was at the balcony area with Sya and my crappy video phone. You can see the whole action from the balcony and being a huge mosh fan, it was exhilarating watching so many people have fun to this band I somehow had a part in bringing over to this place. Pretty fucking sweet. Fuck being tired! Seeing people this stoked for the show was giving me all the energy I need! Hard work paid off part 1.

P/S: I remember having Vegan food for the first time in Jakarta but my chibai brain can’t remember WHEN in the day we did. Perhaps after the trip to the hotel..??? or before? I can’t remember but I remember it was gooooooooood! Nice first experience. Didn’t taste anything like plastic hahahahaa




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