Shai Hulud Tour PART 1: Pre & Show Day

15 05 2010

The problem with a female production company is that way too often, we get far too overprotective and emotionally involved with the band we’re dealing with. I can safely say that what ECHO has accomplished this past few months is something not a lot of people can say they have or ever will achieve in their lives.

Let’s take a moment to commemorate how this bliss came to be.

ECHO Productions. There are a total of 4 people in ECHO Productions. We’re all vaginas and we’re all driven as fuck when it comes to production. Some are good with numbers while others rule at words. With all the little experiences we’ve taken from mainstream production companies, we decided to start our very own DYI show organizing company.

Shai Hulud. Honest to God, the first time I heard that band name was when I was doing research for a Misery Signals interview. Sya & I kept joking about how fun it’d be to do a show for this band, seeing how their name was so bloody fun to make fun of. SHAI HU*phlegm* LUD. More than a year later, the accent was named the “Bombaclot” language.

We emailed the Shai Hulud rep, expecting to be ignored profusely, like how we always do. I remember getting back from a KL trip with Sya, Joanna and Shahidah for MxPx All Stars and finding out we got an email from Matt Fox, telling us they were keen to come out here. SCORE!

Then came the pain.

Everything that could fuck up, fucked up. Friendships were tested. People were assholes. And it didn’t help that our own personal lives were in shambles. Well I’m really just speaking for myself. There were times I had thought about just sitting on the couch, waiting to die because the world was giving me so much shit. Here we were, our very first taste at not just show organizing, but fucking TOUR, and hating every minute of it. Can’t even count the number of times I said “what the HELL have we gotten ourselves into?!”

It started to rule when it was time to print tickets and posters. Proved that this was all real and happening.

When the time came to actually sell some tickets, there was a little relief. People actually give a shit? Woah. I remember blogging about it.

Thats right betch

We did EVERYTHING DIY. Even distribution of tickets. Raffles City Macdonalds EVERY SATURDAY, meeting Shai Hulud fans. It ruled. Hard.

When the day finally came, I was too exhausted to function properly. I’m too exhausted now to even remember what the hell happened on that very first day we met but I remember R Kelly, MRT noobs, vegan restaurant and bubble tea.

***Picture from Steve's camera

Show day was epic too because I can barely remember that either.  At this point, I had already registered in my brain that Tim would eat anything, Covey didn’t like seafood and the vegans were insane. Cabs, and chaos. I remember being almost late for their set because the bus took so long and the cabs were assholes. But we made it and they got to play the show. Phew.

Thanks to the Sha and Joanna for taking care of things while most of us were gone!. And thanks to Mary and her friends for helping out too. What an awesome team. ❤

I DID get to enjoy their set at Blackhole, thank god. Misanthropy Pure? Oh hell yeah! The only song I knew, but I knew every single word by heart. When Mike yells “MISANTHROPHY FUCKING PURE”, that was it for me. Went in the pit, struggled a little bit, got the mic and yelled my brains out.  Funnnnn show! The Hulud boys had as much fun which was a major relieve because the turn out was not fan-fucking-tastic. Oh, and after that was night swimming, pee & foot. What happens in Sentosa, stays in Sentosa. Haa. Sya & I didn’t sleep a wink that day because we had to take some of the boy’s stuff to our houses and fuck, I remember the cab driver leaving me stranded under my block with 6 huge bags and only 2 arms. Whaaaat a fucking nightmare!

And then, tour began.

To Be Continued…




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16 05 2010

I love you.

16 05 2010

Love you too bebe 😉

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