7 04 2010


It sucks. You will not understand it if you’re living a perfectly healthy lifestyle or happen to have a dick. If you’re a normal chick with a normal vagina, you shed blood and hurt. A LOT. I’m not going into detail of my little girl problems but I’m just sayin’, when the time comes, there’s really no stopping the bitchfest. Sunday, I was rolling on the floor… dying. I stayed home, working on some ECHO tour related stuff. Oh newsflash, Lyds, amongst other things, also does clerical work in ECHO Productions. Money, receipts, tags, tickets, etc. All me. What the fuck, is right ladies and gents. Hahahahahahahaha

Anyway, it’s official. I am SICK of Shai Hulud. SICK I TELL YOU SIIIIICCCCKKKKKK!  The amount of Shai Hulud posters, fliers, notes, schedules, namelists and a billion other nonsense pertaining to this tour makes me want to throw up. (Side note: Do come for the show, 1st May. Shai Hulud rocks 😀) We finally got our tour dates up on their myspace (about fucking time too) and it was pretty sexciting to see them mention us in their blog.

Also on Sunday was the Surrender show @ blackhole. Obviously, I was not of attendance for this event. Didn’t even know it was a Prettig show.. haha.

Monday night, I got an IM from my bestfriend asking me whether I wanted to tag along with bringing the band that paid the Sunday show out. Desperate to get out of the house of dad’s “stop dreaming and work for my company full time” nonsense and mom’s never ending list of painful chores for me, I agreed to it. Plus, I never had a bad time bringing a band around town, fucked up mood or not. As soon as my dad found out about this plan, he says “Are you getting paid for doing such a shit job? If you’re not, why are you still doing it?” As usual, I answer “because it’s fun.”

I’m not rude. It’s PMS.

If I get paid to hang out with a band, I’d consider myself a hooker. Nuff said.

Going into detail of what happened with this band would be exhausting. May I summarize?

  • We were greeted by a smiley Dave (as always) and vomitalicious Chris. They started drinks early and about 10 minutes in, Chris detours back to the hotel siding “Fuck, I need to throw up”. I remember the first thing I said to them was “You guys need help.”
  • Seb got his ear pierced and he flinched, BAD. He may not want to admit it but everyone knows. Video evidence declared not valid.
  • Clint practices his sadistic ways and murders Seb’s very last strand of “straight”. Messed with the fresh piercing by replacing it Edward Cullen inspired diamond earrings. Ouch…
  • Steve attempts to capture this act on video but missed the most important part of filming. THE RECORD BUTTON.
  • We take them to visit the “giant golf balls” or as locals know say spiky boobies.
  • David comes out of the closet and declares Wednesdays, GAY day. Hooray….
  • He then got a hippie elephant tattoo.
  • Clint tattoos Edward Cullen on his arm.

  • They then proceeded to go drinking. I wasn’t present for this event but I heard beers were cheap and the band made new friends.
  • The next day, after breakfast, we made our way to the airport and said our goodbyes. Yet another awkward “We’ll see each other again soon ay!” conversation. Haha.. never gets old.
    Awesome Aussies. I wasn’t feeling fantastic throughout the thing so didn’t really layan them much but had AYlot of fun. What a silly bunch haha





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