Antonyms To Brackish

4 04 2010

Saturday was amazing. As anyone that has ever come across my blog would know, 3rd April was the day of the Shai Hulud ticket collection. Obviously, any organizer who has worked their butt off would want to meet the people going for the show. Those people, more than anyone else, that really MAKE the show. Quite a few came and it was pretty darn exciting to give out tickets. It got a bit agitating waiting around but when someone did come, it made it all seem worth it.

Things bored people do:

We terrorize children. "ITS THE CLAWWWWW"

My best work yet.

ECHO Productions 🙂

This is how we do.

After meeting a few of the kickass Shai Hulud fans, Sya, Darf, Didi, Tsue & I headed to “laybree” to return books and got into all sorts of shenenigans on the way there! The last time we ALL met was 2007 and that was the FIRST ever time we ever hung out. For some reason, the group stuck. We didn’t add any members, nor kicked anyone out. It HAD to be the five of us, or else, it just wasn’t the same. I think the thing that surprises me most was the fact that all of us could just go about 3 years without meeting each other and start off the reunion with no sort of awkwardness or disconnection. Or rather, the most overused word of the night :”dis-KONEK.” Poor Didi. Hahaha

It was, to say the least, an epic blast. As usual, none of us were fully sober after (no alcohol or any form of substances required), exhausted from laughing and missing each other already, even before saying goodbye. Basically, just a de javu of what it was like the first time around. All of us had changed in our little ways but we were all the same in the group. Damn, good darn times.





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