Flaw Ass Fuckers

29 03 2010

A little bit of success usually result in a lot of criticism. Some people do their very best to be nice to everyone they encounter. For the most part, this will not be enough to guarantee people get it. If you’re too nice, you’re flirty. If you have a bad day, you’re a bitch. If you’re a little sarcastic, you’re a snob.

I get the need to vanquish hypocrites and gossip leeches but these days, there seems to be more than enough hate to go around everywhere else. I don’t get these people who hate on others for absolutely no reason. The excuse “No ah, she like what sia!” is not a good enough explanation to grant you the right to go around telling people what you THINK is bad about this person.

“She struts like the planet is hers.” – Excuse me, if someone has a little bit of confidence, means they‘re living their life the way they want to. What’s it to you?

“She’s friends with everyone.” – Is it BAD to have many aquintances? Is it WRONG to be sociable? Just because someone knows a lot of people, doesn’t mean they’re fucking around with them (whatever analogy you prefer for the word “fucking”). Get your head out of your ass.

“She think she what.” – Who the fuck do you think YOU are to be saying something like that?

It’s just frustrating to be hated and not know what you’re hated for. It leaves no room for improvement. It just leaves these stupid QUESTIONS. People can say they don’t care or it doesn’t bother them all they want but you can’t say you’ve never wondered or asked why.

And if you’re that person going around talking shit, do you seriously think you’re any better? Do these people you’re talking to REALLY have your back? Think about it. Why are you always getting into trouble for that whacked out mouth of yours when you’ve only told your “friends” whom you “trust” to have your back. Go suck yourself you little imbeciles.

No one in this life can ever go on living without at least one person hating the shit out of your guts. If you’re not hated by ANYONE on the planet, you haven’t been out of your house and met anyone in your life. Sometimes, we can’t really help our little subconscious flaws. I can say myself that I’m not the worlds most well liked person. I’m either too loud or too quiet. Bitchy or arrogant. Psychotic, sarcastic, over-reactor and at times even boring. But I have good enough friends to tell me to shut the fuck up when I need to. Sometimes, when I’m in deep thought and happen to glare at someone subconsciously, my bestfriend smacks me on the arm and tells me “don’t look at them like that”. I have good enough friends to tell me I’m being a jerk.

SO that’s all we really need. Good enough friends to tell you these things because if it weren’t for these people, there will only be hypocrites left. People who laugh in the beginning and go behind your back and ass fuck you with your flaws. At the end of the day, it’s not worth driving ourselves crazy over. You can’t please everyone.

In other news, I applied for driving lessons this morning. SUPPPPP world! You are going dowwwwwnnnnn! hahahahah

I look fucking high in this picture and worst off on that driving school pass

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7 10 2010

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